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Prof. Susan Robertson
University of Cambridge, UK





Susan Robertson is Professor of Sociology of Education, the Faculty of Education, at the University of Cambridge. Prior to this, Susan was Professor at the University of Bristol. Her area of expertise is on transformations of the state, education policy, region building and global processes. Susan is founding editor of the journal Globalisation, Societies and Education, and currently Convenor of the research cluster, Culture, Politics and Global Justice at Cambridge. Susan’s recent publications include work on platform capitalism and higher education, market-making and trade agreements and their relationship to education governance.



Featured Presentation (2020) | Radical Uncertainty and Anticipatory Practices in the Pandemic University


University structures, processes and practices are often characterised as glacial in their pace of change. Yet Covid19 has radically changed all this. In many parts of the world badly affected by the effects of the global pandemic, the socio-temporal dynamics of life within the academy have been profoundly ruptured. Universities are now faced with the prospect of ongoing radical uncertainty, whilst the range of anticipatory practices that have been used to govern uncertainty and risk within the academy have been found wanting. The pandemic was on no-one’s risk register! In this keynote address I explore the ways in which three temporal horizons; (i) the moment by moment anticipations, (ii) actor’s trajectories through the academy over time, and the (iii) plans and temporal landscapes of universities have all fractured. Whilst there are clearly major challenges facing academics, administrators and students as they navigate these temporal horizons, there are also new possibilities which have emerged which will likely change the higher education sector into the future.




Abstract submission and Registration for CHER - Hong Kong 2020


For presenter

Researchers, faculty members and postgraduate students are welcome to participate in this conference. If you wish to be a presenter in CHER-Hong Kong 2020, please submit your abstract in MS WORDS (no more than 300 words) at the online submission system by 12 October 2020 (Hong Kong time). Abstracts submitted will undergo a double-blind review process before inclusion in the programme and accepting for oral presentation. Acceptance decision will be informed by the Conference Secretariat via e-mail.


Abstracts will be arranged for presentation and publication ONLY if at least one of the authors registers for the Conference by the registration deadline, 25 October 2020 (Hong Kong time).


An individual author may not appear on more than two manuscripts.



For audience

The registration system for audience is now open. Please click here to register.



Fee for online presentation and participation

Free of charge*

(*The conference fee this year will be waived but registration must be completed in order to have online access to the sessions. Participants in Hong Kong will be invited to attend the Opening Session on campus of Lingnan University on the first day of the conference if health-conditions permit.)



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