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Highlight of 1st Seminar of Doctoral Student Policy Studies Seminar Series

The Institute of Policy Studies (IPS) and the School of Graduate Studies (GS) have organised the Doctoral Student Policy Studies Seminar Series, which consists of a series of informal lunchtime talks relating to local and global research topics. The series provides an opportunity for PhD students and post-doctoral fellows to share their research and findings, and serves as a platform for those in the academic community who are interested in discussing issues relevant to future research.


The first seminar was held at lunchtime on 6 November.  Mr Tual Sawn Khai, a PhD student in Sociology and Social Policy, shared his research on the topic ‘Experiences of Burmese Irregular Migrant Workers in Thailand and Social Protection’.  The research focuses on why one million irregular migrant workers from Burma have made the decision to look for work in Thailand, and examines how they are facing during the pandemic and whether NGOs are offering assistance.  Postgraduates and researchers attended the seminar.



The second seminar will be held at lunchtime on 20 November.  Mr Bin Aedy Rahman Hamzah Nor, a first-year doctoral student in Sociology and Social Policy, will discuss “The Dilemma of Access, Equity and Equality in Malaysian Higher Education



Please stay tuned for announcements about future lunchtime seminars.