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Workshop on Leadership in Modern Societies





Course Details



‘Never Too Young to Lead'


30 March 2020, Monday


16:30 - 19:30


AM310, Amenities Building, Lingnan University


Dr Violet LO, Global Inclusive Leadership Program,GILP




  • Wanna go global and develop your cross-cultural leadership skills?
  • Wanna to embark your self-discovery journey working with dynamic team of next gen leaders from the world-class universities?
  • Wanna to engage in the Training the Trainers Leadership Roundtables, and equipped to be facilitative leaders?
  • Wanna to “Be the Example, Be the Culture, and Be the Movement”, and make your mark in the Global Inclusive Leadership Weeks in Thailand and more?

More and more cities are promoting “better cities”, “cities for tomorrow” etc. and campaigning for global partnerships for a sustainable future, but would it be sufficient just to facilitate “shared-value creation”? To tackle the challenges on the inequality and the extreme wealth gap issue, we need economic growth to reach everyone, we need our business to be inclusive and purpose-driven, we need to develop next generation leaders who are ethical, purpose-driven and global–minded; and we need a diversified global inclusive business ecosystem where we can empower the next generation to create inclusive opportunities and bring purpose to business! If you are purpose-driven, have leadership potentials and wanna make a difference with your potential skills (in STEM+, computing, data science, machine learning, communications, designs, arts & music, storytelling, photography or filming skills, entrepreneurship and sports etc), please come and join us and know more about the Global Inclusive Leadership Program (GILP) which aims at nurturing leaders who would like to make a difference! In addition to the learning opportunities in STEM subjects, the GILP will bring you the opportunities to engage in high-level thinking skills, Training the Trainers Leadership Roundtables, Global Inclusive Leadership Weeks for selected participants and more…



About the speaker


Dr Violet LO (Global Inclusive Leadership Program,GILP)


Dr Violet Lo founded the Inclusive Business Lab & Inclusive Business Foundation, aiming to build a diversified ecosystem for creating inclusive opportunities and developing the next generation of purposedriven, ethical & global minded leaders of tomorrow. Since its inception in the fall of 2014, the program has impacted more than ten thousand young people, and has been working with local governments and more than thirty partnering schools and colleges in Greater China, Asia and UK. The program also receives interest from Japan, USA and other countries, and expects to benefit more than 250,000 next generation and training more than 25,000 trainers globally in the coming years. She also serves as an executive leadership coach giving training to multinational financial institutions, and has run leadership roundtables for business leaders, government officials, academicians as well as high school principals, teachers and student leaders. Violet has been a guest speaker for international conferences in Asia, Europe, UK and USA. Violet received PhD in Mathematics in 1998 from University of Cambridge, where she was a Croucher Foundation Scholar. From 1998 to 2011, she worked for investment banks in London, New York, Hong Kong, incl. Goldman Sachs, Merrill Lynch and Tokyo-Mitsubishi International, specializing in strategic investments, portfolio allocation & capital management for financial institutions, insurance companies, pension funds & superannuation in UK, Europe, USA and Pan-Asia (Mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Australia). She has served as an advisor & board director for a micro-finance company in China, Guest Professor at Beijing Normal University School of Social Development & Public Policy, and currently serves as an Honorary Principal for Jiangsu Province Dagang High School in China.