The Liberal Art University in Hong Kong
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Teaching Staff


Professor Ka Ho MOK
Vice-President, Lam Man Tsan Chair Professor of Comparative Policy and Dean of the School of Graduate Studies; BA (CityU); MPhil (CUHK); PhD (LSE, London)
Comparative Higher Education Policy and Governance; Comparative Social Policy and Governance; Development Studies in East Asia

Professor Maggie LAU
Research Associate Professor of the School of Graduate Studies and Asia Pacific Institute of Ageing Studies; BA, MPhil (CityU), PhD (York).
Education and Equality; Poverty and Social Exclusion, Child Poverty and Child Well-Being, Adolescent Health Behaviours, and Migration

Prof. XIONG Weiyan
Research Assistant Professor of School of Graduate Studies; LLB, MEd (PKU); PhD (Pitt).
International, Comparative, and Development Education; Indigenous Education; Liberal Arts Education; Higher Education Management; Faculty Professional Development

Professor LIN Ka
Adjunct professor of School of Graduate Studies, Lingnan University cum Professor and department head, School of Public Affairs, Zhejiang University; Docent, University of Tampere; Docent, University of Turku; PhD (University of Tampere, Finland)
Social Policy; Social Work; Social Administration; Public Policy; Sociology; Development Studies

Prof Padmore Adusei AMOAH
Research Assistant Professor of School of Graduate Studies and Asia Pacific Institute of Ageing Studies; PhD (Lingnan University)
Population Health and Health Services Research; Social Epidemiology and Sexuality and Sexual Health Studies

Dr ZHU Yidan
Research Assistant Professor of Lingnan University; PhD (UofT)
Adult education and lifelong learning; medical/dental education and professional learning; studies of transnational migration (including migrant mothers, refugee and immigrant youth, senior immigrants, and international students); public health and social work (including ageing, intersectionality, community development, and service-based learning)

Dr Glenn Kwok-hung HUI
Part-time Lecturer, BA (UCLA), MAPPM & PhD (CityU of HK)
Policy Analysis; Policy Making and Studies; E-government; Web 2.0; Public Administration & Governance; Comparative Social Policy; Social Entrepreneurship; Creating Shared Value (CSV), and Study-to-work Transition

Prof ZHU Yuefeng Alex
Research Assistant Professor in the School of Graduate Studies; Program Director of Postgraduate Diploma in Applied Social Science (PGDASS) in the School of Graduate Studies; MSc (ColoState); MEd and PhD (EdUHK)
Youth studies, education policy, financial planning and counseling, family and economic issues, new media, and political engagement of emerging adults

Professor Stefan KÜHNER
Assistant Professor of the Department of Sociology and Social Policy; MA (York), PhD (York)
Comparative and Global Social Policy; Pooled Time Series Cross Section Analysis; Qualitative Comparative Analysis

Dr. CHEN Jiaxin
Research Assistant Professor of School of Graduate Studies; Post-doc Fellow (ECNU); MEd (HKU); PhD (HKU)
Migration Studies; Education Equity; Social mobility and cultural reproduction

Adjunct or Visiting Professors Supporting the Programme

Professor David PHILLIPS
Lam Woo and Co Ltd Chair Professor of Social Policy; BScEcon, PhD (Wales)
Social Gerontology; Social Epidemiology; Asia-Pacific Population and Development; Housing, Services and Health Care

Professor Andy Green
Professor of Comparative Social Science, University College London; BA (Oxford), PhD (Birmingham), PGCE (IOE, London).
Education Systems and Social and Economic Outcomes in Western Europe and East Asia; Comparative Education Policy

Professor John Hawkins
Co-Director, Asia Pacific Higher Education Research Partnership (APHERP); BA (Hawaii); MA (British Columbia), PhD (Vanderbilt)
Higher Education Reform and its Politics; Educational Policy in Comparative Perspective

Professor John LOWE
Associate Professor, School of Education, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences Department of Education, University of Nottingham, Ningbo; BSc (Imperial College), Dip Ed, PGCE, MA, PhD (IOE, London)
International Higher Education, Chinese Higher Education, Transitions from Education to Work

Professor Simon Marginson
Professor of International Higher Education, University of Oxford; Director of the Centre for Global Higher Education; BA, PhD (Melbourne)
Higher Education, Comparative and International Education, Political Economy, Political Philosophy and History of Education

Professor Deane Neubauer
Co-Director, Asia Pacific Higher Education Research Partnership (APHERP); BA (California), MA, PhD (Yale)
Higher Education; Quality and Equity; Knowledge Society; University Governance; International Education