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Highlights of the 2nd Seminar in the Doctoral Student Policy Studies Seminar Series


Mr Bin Aedy Rahman Hamzah Nor

The Institute of Policy Studies (IPS) and the School of Graduate Studies (GS) have organised the Doctoral Student Policy Studies Seminar Series, which consists of a series of informal lunchtime talks relating to local and global research topics. The series provides an opportunity for PhD students and post-doctoral fellows to share their research and findings, and serves as a platform for those in the academic community who are interested in discussing issues relevant to future research.


The second seminar was held at lunchtime on 20 November. Mr Bin Aedy Rahman Hamzah Nor, a first year doctoral student in Sociology and Social Policy, shared his research into abstinence-sexuality education and sexual attitudes among young people in Kuala Lumpur. Noting that there are 88,000 people living with HIV in Malaysia, and teenage pregnancies average about 18,000 each year, Bin Aedy discussed whether comprehensive sex education would be beneficial. 


Participants, including faculty members, researchers and students, were able to give feedback so as to generate insights on the topics. The Seminar is a good platform for learning and exchanging knowledge and research techniques to maximize their research potential.


The third seminar will be held at lunchtime on 7 December. Mr AYOMIDE OLUWASEYI OLADOSU, a first-year doctoral student in Sociology and Social Policy, will discuss “Access to Healthcare and Young People in the Informal Sector: The Case of Nigeria


Please stay tuned for announcements about future lunchtime seminars.