As a leading liberal arts university in Asia, Lingnan has achieved great success in research and social projects, thus fulfilling the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for a better and more sustainable future for all.

In the Impact with Care video series, Lingnan scholars and researchers explain how their research and social projects, which range from economics, the social sciences and environmental conservation to education and history, are able to bring immediate, long-term benefits to society, academia and everyone’s lives.

Dr Padmore Adusei Amoah

Research Assistant Professor, School of Graduate Studies & Asia-Pacific Institute of Ageing Studies

Dr Padmore Adusei Amoah of the Lingnan School of Graduate Studies addresses health and wellbeing issues worldwide, in particular how and how much factors such as income, social support, education, employment, neighbourhood characteristics, and the quality and degree of access to social services affect health and differ between and even within countries and across population groups.

Prof Zong-qi Cai

Lee Wing Tat Chair Professor of Chinese Literature, Department of Chinese and Director of The Advanced Institute for Global Chinese Studies

Prof. Zong-qi Cai, Director of The Advanced Institute for Global Chinese Studies, introduces his Columbia University Press book series How to Read Chinese Literature and its companion podcasting program for knowledge transfer. As a renowned and prolific sinologist, he envisions developing a mutually beneficial East-West academic culture and breaking down disciplinary, cultural, and linguistic boundaries in Chinese studies.

Prof Dickson Chan Chak-kwan

Research Professor and Director, Asia-Pacific Institute of Ageing Studies

Prof Dickson Chan, Director of Lingnan’s Asia Pacific Institute of Ageing Studies, focuses on addressing the needs of older people through a number of community and research projects, as well as conducting research on the extent of social support and effectiveness of community services for the elderly. He explains the importance of these projects in this video.

Prof Cui Geng

Professor, Department of Marketing and International Business

Prof Cui Geng, Professor of the Department of Marketing & International Business, is a prominent scholar in international business and digital marketing. In this video, he shares how his recent research uses archival data to construct a comprehensive index of economic integration between Hong Kong and the Mainland, and how he adopts item response theories to cross-examine the effects of product attributes, reviewer’ criticality, consumption situation, product type, and time in assessing customer satisfaction.

Prof Jonathan Fong

Assistant Professor, Science Unit

Prof Jonathan Fong, Assistant Professor of the Science Unit, specialises in research on animals and evolution, in particular amphibians and reptiles. In this video, Prof Fong talks about how he studies the populations of the unique Romer’s tree frog in Hong Kong with DNA sequencing data.

Dr Albert Ko

Director of Entrepreneurship Initiative and Director of Office of Service-Learning

During the pandemic, Dr Albert Ko, Director of the Lingnan Entrepreneurship Initiative, launched Project Ultra Violite to disinfect over 1,000 subdivided units free of charge with modified ultraviolet light equipment developed by his team. In the video, he explains how integrating interdisciplinary knowledge and skills produces an innovative solution that addresses the needs of the vulnerable.

Prof Stefan Kühner

Associate Professor, Department of Sociology and Social Policy

Prof Stefan Kühner's research focuses on social policies and wellbeing. One of his latest investigations finds that about 50 per cent of Hong Kong children report stress as well as other social problems. In this video, he describes his findings and makes suggestions to policymakers and society on how to address these problems.

Prof Lau Chi-pang

Associate Vice-President (Academic Affairs and External Relations)
Professor, Department of History

Historian Prof Lau Chi-pang is particularly interested in the intellectual history of the Song, Yuan, Ming and Qing dynasties, and Hong Kong history, as well as Chinese local records. In this video, he discusses his lead project, The Jockey Club ICH+ Innovative Heritage Education Programme, designed to preserve, promote, redefine and revitalise our intangible cultural heritage in Hong Kong for a greater audience.

Prof Vincent S Leung

Associate Professor, Department of History

Prof Vincent S Leung, Head of Department of History, is an expert in Hong Kong and Chinese history. In this video, he explains how his recent book addresses the many different ways in which history became important to political debate in early China.

Prof Lisa Leung Yuk-ming

Associate Professor, Department of Cultural Studies

Prof Lisa Leung Yuk-ming, Associate Professor and Associate Head of Department of Cultural Studies, has been researching ethnic minorities in Hong Kong since 2009. In this video, she shows how many Indians, Pakistanis and Nepalese - who have been coming to Hong Kong since early colonial days - remain in the lower echelons of society.

Prof Joshua Mok Ka-ho

Vice-President and Dean of School of Graduate Studies
Lam Man Tsan Chair Professor of Comparative Policy

Prof Joshua Mok Ka-ho, Vice-President and Dean of Graduate Studies, discusses his findings on the development of the Greater Bay Area and how Hong Kong can further integrate into the area to drive economic and social activities.

Prof Larry Qiu Dongxiao

Sydney S. W. Leong Chair Professor of Economics
Head, Department of Economics

Prof Larry Qiu Dongxiao, LU Sydney S.W. Leong Chair Professor of Economics and Head of the Department of Economics, has specialised in international trade for over three decades. As a trade economist, he uses his insights into China’s economy and trade for empirical research on trade and foreign direct investment there.

Prof See-To Wing Kuen Eric

Associate Professor, Department of Computing and Decision Sciences

Prof Eric See-To Wing Kuen, Associate Professor of the Department of Computing and Decision Sciences, specialises in big data science and information management. Leveraging on big data as well as relevant computational and statistical techniques, his current projects investigate and develop applications of big data science techniques for the extraction of hidden insights in diverse areas such as public health, finance and social media.

Prof Siu Oi-ling

Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences,
Lam Woo & Co Ltd Chair Professor of Applied Psychology

Dean of Social Sciences of Lingnan Prof Siu Oi-ling has extensive research and consultancy experience in the field of occupational stress, and one of her latest projects is exploring sources contributing to occupational stress in the Greater Bay Area to increase generalisability for Western findings.

Prof Sung Yik-hei

Assistant Professor, Science Unit

Prof Sung Yik-hei, Assistant Professor of the Science Unit, is working on several research and conservation projects on the ecology of threatened categories, particularly amphibians, reptiles and birds, providing essential information for conservation actions.

Prof Wei Lai

Associate Professor, Department of Finance and Insurance

Prof Wei Lai, Associate Professor of the Department of Finance and Insurance, has been engaged in research on corporate innovation, FinTech, law and finance. In one of her recent projects, she uses data from one of the largest FinTech companies in Hong Kong and finds that the access to FinTech credit helps small and medium enterprises develop customer capital and improve service quality.

Prof Paulina Wong Pui-yun

Assistant Professor, Science Unit

Prof Paulina Wong, Assistant Professor of the Science Unit, focuses on environmental health and urban problems, and examines the effects of environmental factors such as air pollution, noise and heat. In this video, she describes how badly incense burning in Hong Kong affects its environment and people’s health.