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Gerontechnology Education at MCYOS

In order to enhance primary school students’ understanding of the senior citizen, the GTSA Team and A.D. & F.D. of Pok Oi Hospital Mrs Cheng Yam On School (MCYOS) jointly organised Gerontechnology Education event, gerontechnology ambassadors and 9 students from OPEM and IHEM joined the event as volunteers. This event carried out an experiential booth game activity in the sixth-grade General Studies class at MCYOS. GTSA introduced the use of gerontechnology products to the pupils, and also helped to improve the product design of each group during the class. In this process, students from OPEM and IHEM also gained a deeper understanding of the design of General Studies subjects in Hong Kong. Their interaction with local primary school in Hong Kong supports the education work of gerontechnology in hospitals and communities, and combines the practical experience of interacting with school teachers to understand education management.