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SET (ESG Concentration) Programme, 2022

SET (ESG Concentration) Programme 2022



The School of Graduate Studies of Lingnan University, together with our industrial partners, namely Smart City Academy of Smart City Consortium and International Chamber of Sustainable Development (ICSD), successfully hosted a new SmartCity Executive Training (SET) with a concentration on Environment, Social & Governance (ESG) in November 2022.


The SET Programme is a professional program that exemplifies the transfer of theoretical knowledge into practical and application perspectives via Lingnan University’s Knowledge Transfer Initiatives (KTI). It aims to introduce the planning, designing and management of Smart Cities with the adoption of essential ESG initiative under the framework of UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). And to enrich students with multi-dimensional knowledge and knowhows in smart city technologies (AI, Bigdata, Blockchain, Metaverse and Design Thinking…etc), management/strategic skills, smart economy, smart people and ESG areas. It assists students to follow world trends to further pursue and support their careers development and advancement.


Despite facing tremendous challenges amidst the pandemic, the programme was successfully launched and run with 25+ numbers of on job managers and professionals with good feedback and comments from them. We were confident that the programme could bring a positive impact to both participants and the wider community as a whole.


In addition, the program could offer a professional ESG Certified Planner title for those participants who successfully completed the program with an ESG application paper.  All instructors have given inspiring and well-structured presentations regarding smart city technologies, smart management/strategic skills and specific knowledge in smart economy, smart people and ESG knowledge domain.


In conclusion with this successful KT event, Dr. Ir. Rosiah HO would thank all professional instructors, LU administrative supporting colleagues and units like SGS, OIAPA, OCCBGA and all participants for their contribution and participation. We look forward to continuing to run this collaborative KT program to show positive impacts on the wider community and our University.




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