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A stimulating exchange at the launch of Lingnan Postgraduate Mentorship Programme


At the launching ceremony of the Lingnan University Postgraduate Mentorship Programme (2022-2023) held on 4 February 2023, over 80 postgraduate students and their mentors attended and have a very constructive discussion about career planning and aspirations, as well as opportunities and challenges in the post-pandemic era. They all enjoyed the fruitful exchange very much.


The Postgraduate Mentorship Programme, first of its kind in Hong Kong, is co-steered by Office of Student Affairs, Office of Institutional Advancements and Public Affairs, Lingnan University Postgraduate Alumni Association and School of Graduate Studies. Engaging postgraduate alumni and professionals from different sectors to serve as mentors, the programme seeks to help postgraduates develop a better understanding of the job market and career development, and be better prepared in terms of job-specific skills, workplace culture, as well as leadership and management capabilities. The mentors will also facilitate their mentees in identifying internship and graduate placement opportunities through their network and help them build valuable contacts and expand personal network.


Dr Frankie Lam, Associate Dean, School of Graduate Studies, said at the launching ceremony that the Postgraduate Mentorship Programme is one of the University’s key strategic initiatives to enrich our postgraduate students with knowledge and vision through coaching and sharing of experiences by their mentors.


Ms Carrie Leung, our Council Member and Chairman of Career Development Committee said at the ceremony that “the mentorship programme facilitates the career development and personal growth of our postgraduates at an important stage of their life’s journey.” She is delighted “to see such strong Lingnanian bonds with generations working hand-in-hand for a common goal, totally reflecting our genuine Lingnan Spirit.”


This year, a total of 114 postgraduates have joined the programme and they have formed into 41 learning communities, according to their areas of career interest. Each group is led by a mentor with corresponding expertise and experience who will guide them through on areas related to career development in the coming year. 





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Kick-off Ceremony of Postgraduate Mentorship Programme


Photos of Mentees


Photos of Mentors