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Conference for Higher Education Research (CHER) – Hong Kong 2022



Conference for Higher Education Research (CHER) – Hong Kong 2022


Higher Education in Turbulent Times:

Striving for a Bright Future through Collaborations



18-19 November 2022
Lingnan University, Hong Kong



Higher education around the world is still feeling the tremendous impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, but that is just one of the pressing challenges affecting the sector. In different ways, institutions everywhere must also come to terms with a wide range of issues linked to nationalism, protectionism, and increasing geopolitical tensions among the major powers. The effects of the pandemic dramatically hindered international mobility for students and scholars. And while “going online” made it possible to continue classes and academic exchanges in a virtual environment, the experience also brought to light clear inequalities of access and opportunity in key areas of higher education.


This year has brought its own series of difficulties. The ramifications of superpower rivalries have created new obstacles for international collaboration, leaving researchers and administrators to contend with the realities of an increasingly divided and polarised world.


Despite that, all stakeholders in the field of higher education know they can work together to get through these turbulent times and build a brighter future. They understand their responsibility to continue teaching innovative courses, developing talent, supporting scientific research, and promoting community service. And they are fully committed to the benefits of close collaboration at all levels – local, regional and global.


With that in mind, this year’s Conference for Higher Education Research – Hong Kong (CHER – Hong Kong) aims to foster dialogues on the best way ahead and the type of approach required for the sector to meet current and future challenges. There will be a special focus on the following topics:


  • Geopolitics and International Higher Education
  • Higher Education Access and Inclusive Education
  • COVID-19 Pandemic and Higher Education
  • Higher Education Collaborations
  • Quality Assurance in Higher Education
  • Higher Education Teaching and Learning Innovations
  • Emerging Higher Education Research Directions



If you are interested in sharing your research at CHER – Hong Kong 2022, please submit your abstract through the application system:


The deadline of call for papers is 1 September 2022.




CHER – Hong Kong 2022 will be jointly hosted by Lingnan University and the Asia Pacific Higher Education Research Partnership (APHERP). The intention is to invite global partners to co-organise and support this event, thereby providing a diverse international platform to discuss the latest development in higher education and what comes next. The co-organisers and supporting organisations of CHER – Hong Kong 2022 are:





  • Center for Global Higher Education, University of Oxford, UK
  • Graduate School of Education, Peking University, China



Supporting Organisations


  • Center for Research in Education in Asia, University of Bath, UK
  • College of Education, National Chengchi University, Taiwan
  • Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Stavanger, Norway
  • School of Education, Durham University, UK



Organising Committee of CHER – Hong Kong 2022


  • Ka Ho Mok, Lingnan University, Hong Kong SAR
  • Weiyan Xiong, Lingnan University, Hong Kong SAR
  • Yusuf Ikbal Oldac, Lingnan University, Hong Kong SAR
  • Youliang Zhang, Lingnan University, Hong Kong SAR
  • Guoguo Ke, Lingnan University, Hong Kong SAR




For enquiries, please contact [email protected].





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