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ChinaHE21 Conference Hong Kong Session Discussed Education and SDGs


On 6 December 2021, the Hong Kong Session of the China and Higher Education 2021 (ChinaHE21) Conference was held onsite at Lingnan University and online. Titled “Education and SDGs: Promoting Quality Education for All,” the Hong Kong Session discussed various topics relevant to sustainability education and inclusive education for all in different national contexts.


The Hong Kong Session hosted 16 presentations by speakers from Hong Kong, Mainland China, Malaysia, and the UK. They shared their research with about 50 onsite participants and 40 online audiences. The topics include education for sustainable development, quality education for all from a multinational perspective, the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on quality education, and higher education development in Greater China.


This event is a part of the ChinaHE21 Conference titled “Responding to a Changing World: Does International Higher Education Still Matter?” co-organised by Lingnan University and the University of Manchester. The ChinaHE21 Conference is the first collaboration between two institutions to promote academic and research exchanges. This Hong Kong Session also served as an experiential learning platform for students not only at Lingnan, but also in Hong Kong to gain first-hand experiences in the academic environment.


The ChinaHE21 Conference will be held online from 6 to 9 December. For more information, please refer to the Conference website (