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Conference for “Double Worldclass Universities” in Dalian, China


Professor Joshua Mok, Vice President and Director of School Graduate Studies was invited by the Graduate Institute of Higher Education of Dalian University of Technology to present his keynote speech at the Conference for Double Worldclass Universities, which was successfully held in Dalian, China on 3-5 June 2019. Professor Mok addressed around 450 academics, researchers and postgraduate students in higher education studies joining the conference with a presentation entitled ”China’s Belt and Road Initiative & New Development Opportunities for Development: Challenges and Possibilities for Hong Kong in the International Educational Context”. His speech was well-received by the audience. Other leading scholars in higher education research also participated in the conference like Deans of Graduate Institutes of Higher Education Research or Colleges of Education from Tsinghua University, Xiamen University, Zhejiang University, People’s University, Dalian University of Technology, Huazhong University of Technology from China mainland and Hiroshima University of Japan. Professor Mok also developed stronger research links with these leading universities for promoting international higher education and management research at Lingnan University.