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Designing Higher Education: Big Deal Partnerships, Technologies and Capabilities



Date 27 October 2020 (Tuesday)
Time 5:00 pm - 6:30 pm

Prof. Hamish Coates

Tsinghua University, China

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This talk advances new views on higher education design, stepping beyond prevailing problems and perspectives and stimulating broader contributions. The 2020 pandemic has shocked already fragile business and academic models, and the time is ripe for innovating global online learning, shifting towards Asia and lifelong learning, and investing in 21st century institutions and partnerships. Rather than dwell on dystopian discontents, the webinar charts narratives for developing the industry and the field. It speaks to commercial, governmental and collegial communities to inject major research-driven insights into contemporary transformations and research.



Biography of speaker


Prof Hamish Coates


Prof. Hamish Coates

Tsinghua University, China



Hamish Coates is a Tenured Professor at Tsinghua University’s Institute of Education, Director of the Higher Education Research Division, and Deputy Director of the Tsinghua University Global Research Centre for the Assessment of College and Student Development. He was Professor of Higher Education at The University of Melbourne, Founding Director of Higher Education Research at the Australian Council for Educational Research, and Program Director at the LH Martin Institute for Tertiary Leadership and Management. He concentrates on improving higher education quality and productivity.



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