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Lingnan Scholars at CGHE East Asia Researchers’ Meeting in Hiroshima


From 19 to 21 March, the Center for Global Higher Education (CGHE) East Asia Researchers’ Meeting was hosted by the Research Institute of Higher Education (RIHE) at Hiroshima University, Japan. With the topic “advancing higher education research and collaboration in East Asia amid national, regional, and global challenges,” this academic forum brought together representatives from various institutions to discuss the geopolitics and higher education, as well as various relevant issues of higher education development in East Asia. The meeting was sponsored by the CGHE, a research center based at the University of Oxford and dedicated to studying higher education worldwide.


This CGHE East Asia Researchers’ Meeting aimed to provide a platform for young and senior researchers to present their studies, exchange ideas, and establish collaborations in international higher education. The three-day schedule was packed with presentations, discussions, and networking opportunities. The participants come from various prestigious universities in East Asia and the UK, such as Peking University, Tsinghua University, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Lingnan University, the University of Hong Kong, Osaka University, Tohoku University, Seoul National University, National Cheng Chi University, the University of Oxford, and others.


Lingnan University, a key partner of CGHE, was represented at the meeting by Prof. Ka Ho Mok, the Vice-President, and Dr. Weiyan Xiong, an Assistant Professor of the School of Graduate Studies. They presented their research on geopolitics and international student mobility and well-being, and higher education for sustainability in Hong Kong public universities.


The meeting also included a closed discussion for future collaboration, where participants explored potential areas of cooperation and identified ways to strengthen international partnerships. All participants reached the agreement to continue this event format, which provides a valuable opportunity for scholars and researchers to exchange knowledge, share best practices, and develop collaborative strategies for addressing the complex challenges facing higher education today.