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Lingnan higher education research symposium highlights benefits of hybrid mode of participation



Around 190 attendees took part in the Symposium on Internationalisation and Quality Management in Higher Education 2021, which was held on the LU campus and online  on 20 March. Around 50 participants attended on-site, with the rest taking part online. The hybrid nature of the Symposium demonstrated that this mode of participation, brought about by the pandemic, is able to facilitate the internationalisation of higher education.


Taking student learning as its most important mission, Lingnan has adopted flexible but appropriate modes for engaging its students during the pandemic. Due to the public health emergency, we have organised learning activities in the hybrid mode, and encouraged onsite students to communicate and engage in a dialogue with those who are participating via a virtual platform. The Symposium is a further demonstration of how a hybrid mode can be used to facilitate communication and learning in the higher education sphere.