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Lingnan University Joins Hands with Kwai Tsing District Health Centre in promoting Gerontechnology and Tackling Dementia



Along with rising life expectancy and ageing population in Hong Kong, attention for dementia has been on the surge. To echo with the growing issues, The LU Jockey Club Gerontechnology and Smart Ageing (GTSA) Project is now collaborating with the Kwai Tsing District Health Centre (K&TDHC) for a series of community outreach events and a Gerontech product showcase on dementia.



One of the aims of the GTSA Project is to promote Gerontechnology and support smart ageing Socialpreneurship development by establishing an education platform and providing training courses and workshops on ‘Gerontechnology in Healthcare, Dining, Living and Transport’. Since August 2021, it marks the beginning of collaboration between the GTSA Project and K&TDHC. Members of K&TDHC has visited the LU Jockey Club Gerontech-X Lab to learn about the concept of Gerontechnology. All visitors had gained hands-on experience by trying on the Gerontech products and they were surprised of how Gerontech can help alleviate caregivers’ burden while improving older adults’ quality of life!

Reciprocally, the GTSA team visited the K&TDHC to deliver talks to introduce dementia related Gerontech products. In line with K&TDHC’s dementia screening tests for older adults, the talk provided an overview about how diverse Gerontech products can assist patients and caregivers’ daily lives. Participants were enthused about the products and interested in learning more about Gerontechnology.


In order to further infuse the concept of Gerontechnology in the community and arouse the public’s awareness on dementia, starting from September 2021, the GTSA Project has set up a dementia themed Gerontech product showcase in K&TDHC. In the showcase, Gerontech products on healthcare, dining, living and transport are all available. The general public, especially residents and those who are working in Kwai Tsing District, are mostly welcome to visit the showcase.


It is hoped that with the joint effort of Lingnan University and the K&TDHC, synergy can be created toward constructing a more age-friendly and smarter Hong Kong!



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