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Professor Joshua Mok, Vice-President of Lingnan University visits University of Hawaii and delivers featured talk at International Academic Forum


Professor Joshua Ka Ho Mok, Vice President of Lingnan University (LU) visited University of Hawaii (UH), USA on 3 January 2019 and explored various future collaboration opportunities. Professor Nathan Murata and Professor David Ericson, Dean of UH’s College of Education and Chair of the Department of Educational Foundations respectively, met Professor Mok and reached an agreement to promote research collaboration, staff/student exchanges as well as an international summer school for postgraduate students.


During his visit to Honolulu, Hawaii, Professor Mok was invited as a featured speaker to give a presentation related to"Preparing Students for Uncertain Futures: Lingnan Entrepreneurship Initiative" at the Featured Panel Session in the International Academic Forum. Other speakers included Professor David Ericson and Professor Deane Neubauer from UH, and Professor Sela V. Panapasa, University of Michigan, USA. Very fruitful discussion came out from the dialogues between the panel members and the audiences, critically examining the role of humanities and social sciences in an era of STEM education. Professor Mok shared how LU had attempted to infuse an element of entrepreneurship in student learning while maintaining the essence of liberal arts education which has a strong emphasis on broad-based education, whole person development and international and comparative perspectives. His talk was well received by the participants.


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