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LU Research: Internationally Recognised


Lingnan University committed to promoting: UN Sustainable Development Goals



Timely response to social needs has been central to the research and knowledge transfer (KT) work of Lingnan University, as encapsulated in the tagline RESEARCH at Lingnan University: Impact with CARE. It is an important mission of our Research and KT work as a Liberal Arts university where knowledge and humanity should be inter-woven in our endeavours for the betterment of society.


With our passion for and strengths in research and KT of high social value and international resonance, we are gratified to present our world-class Impact Cases in the UGC Research Assessment Exercise (RAE) 2020 which demonstrate the impact created from our scholars’ research and expertise to the direct benefits of the community and professions.


As compared with the last RAE, LU scholars have achieved much better ratings for their research outputs, of which more than 50% were rated 4-star ("world leading") or 3-star (“internationally excellent”). Regarding the percentage of 4-star outputs, LU is in the top-two position in the following UoAs (Units of Assessment) among the eight UGC-funded universities:-


  • Sociology & Anthropology 27% – First
  • Accountancy 35% – Second
  • Philosophy 19% – Second
  • Social Work & Social Policy 13% – Second



In terms of 4-star plus 3-star outputs, the following two UoAs have achieved notable results:


  • Social Work & Social Policy 54% – The highest
  • Accountancy 65% – Second highest



"Sociology & Anthropology" and"Social Work & Social Policy" are two UoAs in which the research outputs of LU scholars were assessed for the first time. They performed exceptionally well in these two UoAs, demonstrating their research strengths amid intense competition.



Research Impact and Environment 


In terms of research impact, more than half of LU’s Impact Cases were rated 4-star (“outstanding impacts”) or 3-star (“considerable impacts”).


As regards the research environment, one UoA (Area Studies, Cultural Studies & Other Arts/Humanities) and four UoAs (Chinese Language & Literature; English Language & Literature; Philosophy; Accountancy) were rated 4-star and 3-star respectively.


Commendations were received from RAE Panels for the following disciplines:


  • Humanities
    “Staff in the discipline of humanities are achieving a good impact with their research.”


  • Business and Economics
    “The panel was impressed by the Research Impact case studies … which were all judged as world leading or internationally excellent.”


  • Sociology & Anthropology
    “The impact case study … there was considerable evidence of its contribution in framing policy and legislation.”


  • Visual Arts, Design, Creative Media, Other Creative Arts & Creative Writing
    “There was useful evidence of support for the work of research staff and students, contribution to the development of practices and standards for research and scholarship”