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GS Senior Executive Seminar Mixed with Face-to-Face and On-line Dialogues

Senior Executive Forum –

Managing Finance and Human Capital under the COVID-19 Storm


Forum Reflection, by LI Wenlin, Class of AY2019-20 MSc HRMOB



On June 11th, Master of Science in Human Resource Management & Organizational Behavior (MScHRMOB) of Department of Management collaborates with Master of Social Sciences in Organizational Psychology and Educational Management (OPEM) Master of Arts in International Higher Education and Management (IHEM) of School of Graduate Studies, and Master of Science in International Banking and Finance (MIBF) of Department Economics, organized the “Senior Executive Forum – Managing Finance and Human Capital under the COVID-19 Storm”.  It was held on campus and online Zoom simultaneously.  Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it was the first time in the last six months that I could meet classmates and professors face-to-face in a lecture hall.  I was so excited about the event, and thanked wholeheartedly the Department and University could offer this special learning experience on campus.


Without any disappointment, this content and administration of this seminar was superb.  In this forum, Mr. Frank ZHANG, Professor Ada WONG, Ms. Fonia WONG, Mr. Elsie YUNG, and Mr. Charles CALDWELL were invited to share with us the development status and challenges of the financial and human resources market under the epidemic.


Nearly 30 students participated in this forum on campus, and more than 20 students participated online.  Professor Mok, Vice President of Lingnan University and Dean of School of Graduate Studies, delivered a welcome note.


prof joshua mok

Professor Joshua Mok, Vice President of Lingnan University and Dean School of Graduate Studies, delivered the welcome note.




Mr. Frank ZHANG, Co-Head & Managing Director of Corp Client Services from China Everbright Limited, told us about the risks and opportunities of the financial industry under the epidemic and introduced us to the new “1-4-3” strategic plan of the development of China Everbright Bank and the company’s diversified investment portfolio.


Prof Ada Wong


During the epidemic, “Working From Home” has attracted widespread media attention.  One of the key reasons was that “Working From Home” has become an important mean to maintain productivity and customer contacts.  Professor Ada WONG from OPEM shared the results of a social questionnaire survey on home office. According to the survey results, when the epidemic is over, most office employees would still prefer to continue working from home.  It is because working from home has other advantages and benefits such as having more rest time and improving the communication with family members.

Ms. Fonia WONG


Ms. Fonia WONG, a Council member of Lingnan University and a Senior Director and Business Development Director of Pacific Everbright Sun Hung Kai Private Limited, shared her professional development experience with us and offered useful suggestions on how to find a job.  Despite the odds, she advocated “stay in the industry” is an important platform to improve the chance of landing into a good position when the economy recovers.


Mr. Charles CALDWELL and Mr. Elsie YUNG


Two other guests, Mr. Charles CALDWELL and Mr. Elsie YUNG, shared with us the challenges faced by the education industry and human resources market recruitment under the epidemic through real-time online connection.