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The 5th Peking University-University of Wisconsin Workshop on Higher Education


Professor Joshua Mok, Vice President and Director of Division of Graduate Studies of Lingnan University was invited by Peking University and University of Wisconsin to present at the 5th Peking University-University of Wisconsin Workshop on Higher Education successfully held in Beijing on 25 and 26 May 2019.


The Workshop attracted scholars from higher education, history, regional and international studies not only from China Mainland but also from Japan, Hong Kong, the US and Europe. Professor Hao Ping, President of Peking University and Professor Rebecca Blank, Chancellor, University of Wisconsin-Madison attended the opening ceremony of the Workshop and gave their welcoming speeches. The Workshop began with the University Leaders Forum discussing the topic of “What are the greatest opportunities and obstacles facing international collaboration in higher education?”, Chancellor Rebecca Blank addressed the topic with responding remarks from Professor Shao Xinyu, Chairman, University Council, Huazhong University of Science and Technology. Professor Joshua Mok addressed the participants of the Workshop by presenting a paper entitled “Contesting globalization and rethinking international-regional collaboration: China’s approaches to internationalization of education”. He critically examined how the growing tide of anti-globalism and the resurgence of nationalism has affected the discourse and practice of international education, highlighting how the Chinese Government has made serious attempts to promote international and regional collaboration and cultural exchange through its advocacy of “Belt & Road Initiative”. Heated debates between scholars from China and the USA were aroused after his presentation on the impact of the Belt & Road Initiative, not only on higher education but also on the geopolitical and geostrategic aspects of development.