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Peking-Lingnan-Wisconsin Education Forum 2020


Peking-Lingnan-Wisconsin Education Forum 2020



On 5 November 2020, Peking University Graduate School of Education successfully hosted the Peking-Lingnan-Wisconsin Education Forum to discuss the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on global higher education. This Forum was co-organised by Peking University, Lingnan University, and the University of Wisconsin-Madison, with support from the Asia Pacific Higher Education Research Partnership and Lingnan’s Institute of Policy Studies. The Forum highlights the importance of global partnership, especially the cooperation between different higher education institutions worldwide. According to the Sustainable Development Goal 17 (SDG17), global partnership is strongly encouraged for sustainable development, particularly under the COVID-19 crisis. This Forum serves as a good demonstration of partnership to examine the challenges and opportunities for higher education facing the pandemic.



Programme Schedule



Virtual Check-in


Opening Remarks

Prof. Fengqiao Yan, Dean, Graduate School of Education, Peking University


Keynote Speech: COVID-19 Pandemic and Higher Education: Student Voices and Future for International Higher Education

Prof. Ka Ho Mok, Vice President, Lingnan University, Hong Kong


Understanding Synchronous Online Courses: Experiences from the Shock of COVID-19

Prof. Wei Ha, Vice Dean, Graduate School of Education, Peking University

Prof. Liping Ma, Graduate School of Education, Peking University


Keynote Presentation

Prof. Nancy Kendall, University of Wisconsin-Madison




Morning Tea


Impacts of COVID-19 Pandemic on College Internships in the US: Insights from the Literature and Preliminary Data from a Study of Micro-internships in 2020

Prof. Matthew Hora, University of Wisconsin-Madison, US

10:30 –10:45

The Impact of the Epidemic on the Decision-making and Behaviour of Elite College Students Studying Abroad: A Qualitative Study across Three Time Periods

Prof. Wenqin Shen, Yilin Chai, Jing Feng, and Ziyou Mo, School of Graduate Studies, Peking University 


Whoopensocker Fights the Zombie Apocalypse: Supporting Teachers with Digital Arts-based Curriculum

Prof. Erica Halverson, University of Wisconsin-Madison


The Impact of Coronavirus on the British Higher Education: A Case Study of University of Cambridge

Dr. Guangkuan Xie, School of Health Humanities, Peking University 

11:15–11:30 Q&A

Lunch Break


Promote the Cooperation between Hong Kong’s Universities and Mainland China

Taoli Wang and Prof. Kai Jiang, Graduate School of Education, Peking University


Seize Opportunities, Accelerate Changes of Higher Education in the Post-COVID-19 Pandemic

Prof. Xiaoguang Shi, Graduate School of Education, Peking University


A Survey Study on Hong Kong University Students’ Online Learning Experiences amid the COVID-19 Pandemic

Dr. Weiyan Xiong and Prof. Ka Ho Mok, Lingnan University

Prof. Jin Jiang, Hong Kong Baptist University


Doing Educational Research amid the COVID-19 Pandemic: An Exploration of Chinese Doctoral Students’ Experiences in Australia

Dr Kun Dai, Graduate School of Education, Peking University



14:45–15:00 Afternoon Tea


A Choice for Access rather than Excellence: How the University of California Dropped Standardized Tests

Kunzhao Kou, Graduate School of Education, Peking University


Quality of Online Teaching during the Outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic: Take the Universities in Fujian Province as Examples

Ying Chen, Lingnan University and National Chengchi University


Education in Community: The Effect of Creating a Community Atmosphere on Children’s Education

Lijie Wang, Lingnan University


Opportunities and Risks for International Collaboration in a Post-COVID-19 World: The Role of Interpersonal Relationships

Prof. Catherine Montgomery, School of Education, Durham University




Concluding Remarks