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Master of Social Sciences in Organisational Psychology and Education Management

The Master of Social Sciences in Organisational Psychology and Education Management (組織心理學與教育管理社會科學碩士, OPEM, hereafter) is a one-year full-time or two-year part-time programme designed for students who want to advance their careers by acquiring in-depth knowledge in organisational psychology and education management. The OPEM Programme would appeal to local students and those from the region and beyond, who currently or aspire to assume leadership and policy-making roles in the education sector. OPEM graduates could follow a range of careers in education policy and administration in schools, tertiary institutes, government, NGOs, think tanks, as well as in the field of human resource management.

The OPEM programme offers students a rich experiential learning environment through interacting with leading scholars in the education management and applied psychology fields. Students will have access to a wide range of sector-specific expertise across the University, including Education Policy and Management, Organisational Psychology, Globalisation and International Development, as well as Comparative and International Social Policy. The Programme enables students to analyse policy and management issues from organisational, psychological, and international perspectives.

The OPEM Programme is an inter-disciplinary programme. It combines advanced training in education management and organisational psychology with a capstone project based upon students selected organizations. The Programme provides opportunities for students to interact with practitioners from education and psychology sectors to reflect upon management issues. Building upon the strong research in organisational psychology and education management in Lingnan University, students' learning will be enhanced through active participation in the research activities organised by School of Graduate Studies, Department of Applied Psychology, and different research centres. The OPEM Programme consists of 30 credits which normally takes 1 year of full-time or 2 years of part-time studies to complete. The Programme provides core courses, capstone project, and conferences at our esteemed regional and international partner organisations.