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List of Programmes

Lingnan University offers the following research postgraduate programmes at master's (Master of Philosophy, MPhil) and/or doctoral level (Doctor of Philosophy, PhD):




Both MPhil and PhD programmes lead to in-depth study in specific research areas.


All MPhil and PhD programmes offered by Lingnan University are pitched at level 6 and level 7 respectively under the Hong Kong Qualifications Framework (HKQF) (details about the HKQF and its QF level, as well as the comparability with qualification frameworks of other countries are available at and under the section “International Networking”).


The University recruits mainly full-time students. As the University Grants Committee no longer funds new part-time students from 2009-10, part-time students have to be self-financed.


* Admittees of MPhil/PhD Sociology and/or Social Policy programme will be invited to opt for a programme title of 'MPhil/PhD Sociology', 'MPhil/PhD Social Policy' or 'MPhil/PhD Sociology and Social Policy' in consultation with the Supervisor.