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SmartCity Executive Training Programme

About the Programme

Smartcity Executive Training (SET) Programme


Advocates of the smart cities argue that the future of cities will be digitally enabled integration of social, economic and environmental development with technological assets. At the same time, knowledge-oriented leadership is of paramount to enable the transformation of existing city into a smart city with the enactment and delivery of innovative smart technologies and with the support by government’s urban policies and governance. Aiming to fill the immediate demand gap for manpower resource and to drive smart cities to their full potential, we develop a new SmartCity Executive Training (SET) with concentration on Environment, Social & Governance (ESG) to meet this immediate social demand and to enable the essential knowledge and knowhow of smart city can be effectively introduced and delivered to smart city practitioners and leaders.


In parallel, to align the global trend of increasing importance in ESG to support smart city development. Governments, corporations, institutions and individuals are increasingly focusing on ESG new dimensions of knowledge to achieve sustainable development and continuous transformation of corporate governance and business model to cater for this new challenge, in particular, the planning & developing of smart city in future. In this regards, Lingnan University plans to design and incorporate a new ESG concentration in the SET programme with the continual collaboration with the Smart City Academy (SCA) of Smart City Consortium (SCC) in our forthcoming SET programme. It aims at providing an effective mean for executives/managers, industrial professionals, business leaders, smart city practitioners, developers and interested participants to exchange insights, good practices to expand their network and learning experience.


Mode of Study

Because of the prevalent issue of Covid-19 and to reduce the time, space and distance constraint of students. We offer the SET programme in online model via Zoom Meeting. We will provide Zoom link to all students and recording archivals of each course to student for review and revision.


Remarks: Digital archival of the course will be available for students to use after they enrolled the SET course.


Characteristics of the Programme

This programme embraces an interdisciplinary approach by offering a wide range of practical subjects covering from theories and specific domain knowledge, emerging technologies, applications and use case of smart cities. It includes the following four main sub-programmes, namely:


  1. Smart Technologies: Smart City blueprint, technologies for building smart city like AI, Bigdata analytics, IoT & Cloud, Digital transformation and Cyber Security
  2. Smart Economy: Digital Assets and CDC as SmartCity's Digital Infrastructure. Blockchain technology applications beyond cryptocurrency, Metaverse and it’s usage in SmartCity, different types of digital assets (power of CBDC), digital transformation of traditional finance in the smart city
  3. Smart People & Management: Smart management techniques, soft skills, Design Thinking (DT) for Digital Entrepreneurship, Innovation & Creativity
  4. ESG for Smart City Development: How ESG is important for smart city planning and development, Smart-Living, Smart-Environment; Corporate Sustainability & ESG basics; sustainable Business Model & LT Value Creation;Retail Sustainable & Responsible Investment Product & Essentials of ESG Reporting.



By finishing the SET training programme, participants should:

  • have a deep understanding of the essential concepts and smart technologies of smart city and its contemporary applications
  • identify the importance & application of ICT, big data, IoT, Cloud, cyber security to face the challenge of smart city development
  • apply system-level design thinking approach to plan, design for innovation and creativity and to develop smart city
  • master the essential leadership, professional skills for smart people and business management
  • have a deeper understand the smart economy and the essential concepts of FinTech and Metaverse (including the buzzwords e.g. DeFi, Stablecoin, CBDC, Web 3.0 and NFT etc.) To gain a comprehensive concept in applying emerging technologies and theories to future-proof the digital infrastructure such as CBDC, digital identity, digital assets, etc to be developed.
  • to have a deeper understand of smart economy, Fintech technologies and roles and views of different stakeholders like government, commercial/industrial sectors & local communities to address critical issues in smart city transformation
  • to define and address ESG sustainability issues and problems by providing suitable advisory services for ESG governance for smart city development using UNSDG framework
  • to become conversant in evaluating ESG impact goals and to support sustainable smart city development





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