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SmartCity Executive Training Programme

SET Programme Highlights

SmartCity Executive Training (SET)


The SmartCity Executive Training (SET) programme aims to introduce the planning, designing, organisation and management of Smart Cities with the adoption of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) initiative, under the framework of UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to enrich students with multi-dimensional knowledge and knowhows in both smart city technologies, management/strategic skills, specific knowledge in smart economy, smart people and ESG areas (E.g. ESG for smart city development, corporate sustainability, ESG business model, responsible investment and essentials of ESG reporting…etc.). It assists students to follow world trends in conjunction with ESG to acquire the essential knowledge to further pursue and support their careers with the smart city development.


The SET programme exemplifies the translation of theoretical knowledge into practical and application perspectives via Knowledge Transfer Initiatives (KTI) of Lingnan University. The KTI emphasis partnership with external organisations like Smart City Consortium and direct engagement with community stakeholders to create an innovative and practical learning experience to students instead of traditional single way dissemination of knowledge.


Career Acceleration

The SET programme is paired with strong industry partners like Smart City Consortium, ESG organisation to provide insights in smart city technologies with ESG theories and governance to create a powerful, applicable learning opportunity for career advancement. Learners will not only acquire the critical-thinking skills but also the design mindset shaped by a world-leading liberal arts university and industrial professional associations. Learners can provide a comprehensive portfolio that proves they have the technical skills needed to excel in high-growth roles in the digital economy and smart city development. Learners will learn both the technical skills and industrial required skills that needed to perform in real-world roles. To understand and translate those abilities into meaningful for real job and business value. The ESG parts are crucial for gaining and catching the current job market chance for self ongoing growth and career opportunities.


Who Should Attend?

The SET programme is intended for practicing practitioners and/or professionals in different fields of interest. This year we also enrich the coverage to include those bachelor and post-graduate students who hope to learn the latest foundational and multi-dimensional technologies, skills and ESG knowledge for smart city development and personal development. The course aims at providing the essential knowledge and knowhows for developing smart leaders who facilitate collaboration, use strategic/design thinking & practice ESG for smart city governance and development, in particular, for those who want to get out of office and collaborate with others to integrate diversity of thoughts and innovations, it suit for:-

  • managers who want to equip the latest technological tools and knowledge to improve productivity and employees engagement
  • professionals who are aspiring to better manage people with the assistance of technology
  • government, NGOs, organisations, business units supporting colleagues related to smart city development and digital transformation
  • Members of programme partners and supporting organisations like:- Smart City Consortium (SCC), Smart City Academic (SCA), HK Public Key Infrastructure Forum (HKPKIF), HK Electronics & Technologies Association, iProA and any related business and industrial associations, NGOs, SMEs and Government units…etc.
  • Lingnan University stakeholders including staff, students (undergraduates and postgraduates), alumni, Council and Court members and his affiliated organisations and institutes


Graduates of the programme will gain the practical knowledge and achievement certificates in:

a) SmartCity Executive Training

b) Certified ESG Planner upon successful completion of an optional ESG Application Paper of 500+ words and join the International Chamber of Sustainable Development (ICSD).


Both qualifications will certainly help for career development and job advancement in this subject area.




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If you need to contact the programme administrator, please click here.