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SmartCity Executive Training Programme

Programme Structure

SmartCity Executive Training Programme


LU-SCA SmartCity Executive Training (SET), 2022-23 Programme


This programme offers a unique combination of top-ranked smart city and ESG practitioners and professionals of both industrial and professor of Lingnan University to deliver the course to give students solid foundation knowledge and knowhow in smart city operation, governance, strategy formulation, project management & leadership


SmartCity Executive Training (SET) Programme

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SET Syllabus and Instructors Profiles

There are 4 sub-programmes, 9 modules under the SET with ESG Concentration programme.


The 9th module is an optional module for those students who want to pursue the path of the title of ESG Certified Planner (CEP) registered under an international organization “International Chamber of Sustainable Development (ICSD)” (Ref:-


SET programme (Total 24 hrs) includes 4 sub-programmes and 9 modules:

  1. Programme-1: Module-1: Smart Technologies (3 hrs)
  2. Programme-2: Module-2: Smart Economy (3 hrs)
  3. Programme-3: Module-3: Smart People & Management (3 hrs)
  4. Programme-4: ESG Concentration (Total 15 hrs) including:

Module-4: ESG for SmartCity Development: Smart-Living, Smart-Environment (3hrs)

Module-5: Corporate Sustainability & ESG Basics (3 hrs)

Module-6: Sustainable Business Model & LT Value Creation (3hrs)

Module-7: Retail Sustainable & Responsible Investment Product (3 hrs)

Module-8: Essentials of ESG Reporting (3 hrs)

Module-9 (Optional): ESG Application Paper (500+ words & Registration with ICSD) (students are free to choose)


Professional Recognition and Certificate of Achievement

World Green Organisation

Supporting organisation: World Green Organisation WGO


Two professional certificates will be granted to student if:-

  • Certification-1: Students successful completion of the entire SET programme (with attendance rate over 75%), a “Certification of Achievement” with endorsement by Smart City Academic (SCA), and Lingnan University School of Graduate Studies will be granted to student.
  • Certification-2: If students pursue the path of Certified ESG Planner CEP®, upon successful completion the 5 ESG modules with satisfication completion of 500+ words ESG application paper and joining the International Chamber of Sustainable Development (ICSD website: ), they can eligible:
    • To use CEP® on their business card
    • Receive 2 sessions x1 hour-CPD training sessions (Free of charge) (Via Zoom) every year on the hot topics of sustainability
    • Members (HK$800/year) will also receive regular newsletter and can enjoy special invitation or discount on ICSD’s ESG related activities
    • Sample of Certificate of Certified ESG Planner CEP®


The certificate is a trademark granted by a non-profit-making organisation: International Chamber of Sustainable Development (ICSD) and registered with the United Nations SDGs Knowledge Platform. This designation aims to equip students with essential knowledge and skills to cope with the most pressing ESG issues in our world.


The SET programme can be used for counting the hours for Continuing Professional Development (CPD) which serves to sustain and enhance the competencies of qualified professionals to meet the changing needs of the community.


International Chamber of Sustainable Development Certified ESG Planner





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