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LU-SCA SmartCity Executive Training (SET) with Concentration on ESG



SmartCity Executive Training Programme



Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) has become a key issue in management, regardless of professions and industries. To meet talent and knowledge, job market and community needs, Lingnan University and the Smart City Academy (SCA) have launched a SmartCity Executive Training (SET) Programme with concentration on ESG to equip professionals and interested talents from different fields with multidimensional knowledge and practice in smart city technologies, management skills and specific knowledge in Smart Economy (Metaverse-NFT), smart people and other ESG areas.


Conducted fully online with three flexible options, graduates will receive a certificate endorsed by the Smart City Academy of the Smart City Consortium and the Lingnan University School of Graduate Studies, becoming a Certified ESG Planner (CEP®) if other requirements are met.



Programme Features:


  • Cultivating Professionalism, Collaboration, Technology Transfer and Innovation to create personal and community values
  • Fully online classes with three options: 9 hours, 15 hours and 24 hours, catering for different needs
  • Graduates will receive a Certification of Achievement, endorsed by the Lingnan University School of Graduate Studies and the SCA
  • Students enrolled in the 24-hour option and the International Chamber of Sustainable Development (ICSD) will become Certified ESG Planners (CEP®) if certain requirements are met
  • Counting hours for Continuing Professional Development (CPD) for qualified professionals
  • Application deadline:15/10/22. Semester period: 8/11 - 1/12/22.



Please visit SET website for details.