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Mr. Chen Xintai - senior clerk at United Asia Finance Limited


The MSc in Marketing and International Business (MIB) one year study program, allowed us to bond closely with classmates and professors. Fellow students and the Faculty provided a steady stream of support in both academic and daily life. Frequent interaction with international students offered me deeper insights of culture differences. The culture sensitivity definitely will help me adapt to culturally diverse environments in the future.


I believe the Consulting Project experience is the most rewarding part of this program. It is a fast track to develop marketing research and analysis skills under a real business setting. If you are looking for an international perspective and professional marketing study, the MScMIB at Lingnan University is the right decision for personal growth and excellence.


The linkage with classmates from various places, including mainland China, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Russia and the US is very valuable. This network will be useful in the future for my personal life and my career. Also, this helps us to achieve a better understanding of different cultures, and improves our communication skills.