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Credit Transfer / Course Exemption


Highlights of Relevant Academic Regulations (ARs) (Note 1)


1. A student who has passed public, professional, or other examinations recognised by the University or has successfully completed a similar course at an appropriate level offered by a recognised institution may apply for credit transfer/course exemption.


2. Credit Transfer

The student will be exempted from taking the corresponding course offered by the University and granted with equivalent credits, if the application is approved.


3. Course Exemption

The student will be exempted from taking the corresponding course offered by the University, if the application is approved. However, credits are not granted, and the student has to take another course (may be a specified course or any other course) to make up for the total number of credits required for graduation.


4. No grade will be given but all exempted courses and the number of credits transferred will be shown in the student’s transcript.


5. Normally, a student may not be granted credit transfer/course exemption for more than 50% of the required number of credits for the academic award. 


6. The student is required to obtain from the Programme Office an application form for credit transfer/course exemption, complete and submit the application to the Programme Director before the beginning of a term. All such applications must be accompanied by original supporting documents and their photocopies. The Programme Office will return the original supporting documents to the applicant after inspection.


7. The application should be approved by the Programme Director concerned, who should forward it to the Programme Office within two weeks after the beginning of a term.


8. A student should not enrol in a course for which he/she has been granted exemption (with or without credits). If the student has enrolled in a course and is subsequently granted exemption (with or without credits), he/she is not required to apply to drop the exempted course.




1. The above highlights are taken from Section 9 Credit Transfer and Course Exemption of the ARs. The full ARs can be accessed by clicking here.




Revised on 23 May 2022