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The high standards of faculty members, and the practicality of the course design, make the Master of Arts in Chinese programme at Lingnan unique. “What I really like about the course is that it covers both classical and modern literature,” says Wong Ka-yee, a MAC graduate and a currently MPhil year two student. “It’s taught by well-known scholars and experts in the field. As well as sharing their insights, research, and knowledge, the faculty members inspire us to think on our own, and develop our own strengths. They are really friendly and supportive, and encourage us to exchange ideas with them,” says Wong, who plans to study for a PhD after graduation. “To graduate, every student must finish a dissertation on a topic of their choice, with the guidance of a supervisor,” Wong says. “The course is a good choice for those who want to move on to further studies, or those looking to turn a new page in their careers. It broadens your perspective, and increases your knowledge about a subject that you are interested in, or excel at.” “I learned a lot at the conferences and seminars I attended with my supervisor at other universities. They were good experiences which helped me with my current studies. They will doubtlessly come in useful for any future studies, too,” Wong says.