Lingnan Ranks Third for 'Quality Education' Globally

Lingnan University is ranked third in "Quality Education" globally by the Times Higher Education (THE) University Impact Rankings 2021. The rankings, which reflect the extent universities deliver the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), are compiled from data submitted by over 1,200 universities from 96 countries or regions. The University Impact Rankings are designed to reflect an institution’s impact on the broader sphere of society, above and beyond that of its research and teaching achievements. "Caring for Student Learning" is the core mission of Lingnan University, our education is informed by impactful research promoting sustainable development. 

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Lingnan’s academic subjects align with top global standing

Lingnan's Arts and Humanities has jumped 44 places, and is now in the top 20% worldwide.  Philosophy ranks 3rd in Hong Kong and 16th in Asia and English and Literature has risen 50 places.  Social Policy and Administration, which has been nominated for evaluation by QS ranking framework for the first time, comes 9th in the Greater China region.  In Citations per Paper, Business and Management Studies is the subject in which Lingnan University earned the highest score (85.6).

School of Graduate School launches Master of Arts in China and Regional Studies

To enrich its analysis of China's engagement with its neighbours in the Asia-Pacific region, as well as with African countries, the programme incorporates courses from a range of disciplines, including Political Science, Cultural Studies, Sociology, Economics, and Urban Studies.   One of the unique aspects of this programme is the way in which it will touch upon current issues.

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School of Graduate Studies launches MSc in Comparative Public Administration

To help meet the resulting demand for graduates with the skills required to ensure coordinated, effective and accountable administration, Lingnan University is launching its new MSc in Comparative Public Administration programme in September 2023. Students will analyse development, public policy and governance issues, from comparative and international perspectives. They will have the opportunity to engage in experiential learning through their interaction with renowned scholars at international symposium and conferences.

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Faculty of Arts launches MA in Creative and Media Industries

The new MA, to be launched later this year as a one year full-time or two year part-time programme, will bring together disciplines that, though often thought of as separate, actually underpin industries that are increasingly intertwined in the real world.

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Faculty of Business and School of Graduate School launch MSc in Health Analytics and Management

This one-year, full-time, or two-year, part-time, interdisciplinary programme will equip current and aspiring health service managers and coordinators with data-driven management knowledge and skills. Working in collaboration, Lingnan's Faculty of Business and its School of Graduate Studies have developed a curriculum which integrates theories and methods of healthcare and operations management, with the use of a variety of data analysis and modelling tools.

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School of Graduate Studies launches Master of Cities and Governance

Lingnan's innovative new Master programme in Cities and Governance, which will be launched in September 2020, aims to equip students with the type of practical skills and understandings required to tackle the huge challenges facing today's mega-cities and regions.

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School of Graduate Studies and Science Unit launch Master of Cities and Governance (Environment and Sustainability)

The new Concentration in Environment and Sustainability offered by the School of Graduate Studies’ Master of Cities and Governance programme (MCG) focuses on sustainability and emerging environmental problems. The concentration aims to equip students with the interdisciplinary knowledge and skills they need to critically examine environmental and social issues, such as climate change, sustainable urban development, and social equality.

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