• Master of Arts in International Affairs

    • 1-year Full-time programme
    • Designed for those with a first degree in politics-related disciplines, social sciences, the humanities, law, or journalism, but also suitable for professionals in business and communications who want to broaden their outlook and advance their career prospects
    • Most teachers hold PhDs from major universities in the Hong Kong, US, Canada and New Zealand. Some of them have conducted consultancy projects for public bodies including the Hong Kong’s Central Policy Unit, the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund and the European Union.
    • Syllabus covers the theoretical underpinnings, as well as detailed analysis of important international and Asia-Pacific issues
    • Students will have opportunities to attend academic conferences, workshops and public lectures. They can broaden their knowledge and develop a stronger network with the professionals from different fields

    Tel: (852) 2616-8633
    Email: maia_admission@LN.edu.hk

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  • Master of Science in International Banking and Finance

    • The only full-time International Banking and Finance Master programme in Hong Kong
    • Options are available to combine the programme with ones in France, Spain, Switzerland or Britain to obtain a dual master’s qualification
    • Courses cover topics ranging from corporate finance and macroeconomics to accounting, risk management and derivatives, aiming at balance between theoretical and practical aspects
    • Regularly invites industry experts to share their insights and up-to-date knowledge about investment banking, private equity, venture capital, brokerage operations, fintech and more which are useful for students’ future career development
    • Offers students internship and overseas study tours opportunities

    Tel: (852) 2616-7164
    Email: mibf_admission@LN.edu.hk

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  • Master of Science in International and Development Economics

    • 1-year Full-time / 2-year Part-time programme
    • The first taught master programme in Hong Kong mainly instructed in Chinese Mandarin and specializes in the Belt and Road Initiative and Economic Development
    • Regularly invites renowned professional leaders in various industries and diplomats in mainland China/ Hong Kong to share the latest regional development in their expertise fields
    • Provides students with field work opportunities to visit different regions along the Belt and Road Initiative and the Bay Areas (particular regarding the Free Trade Zone) in China
    • Offers internship opportunities in enterprises and companies

    Tel: (852) 2616-7638
    Email: mide_admission@LN.edu.hk

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  • Master of Science in Work and Organisational Psychology

    • 1-year Full-time / 2-year Part-time programme
    • Focuses on modern work and organisational psychology, including personnel psychology, organisational psychology, occupational health psychology, interpersonal skills in organisations, knowledge and skills in coaching and counselling, conflict management and social problem-solving in the workspace etc
    • Provides exclusively-tailored career support for students to explore and develop themselves in the HR and Consulting fields
    • Graduates are eligible to apply for the Registered Psychologist membership recognised by the Hong Kong Psychological Society
    • Offer double master degree programme with Master of Applied Psychology (MAP) with Beijing Normal University

    Tel: (852) 2616-7177
    Email: mwop_admission@LN.edu.hk

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  • Master of Social Sciences in Comparative Social Policy (International)

    • 1-year Full-time / 2-year Part-time programme
    • The only taught master programme in Hong Kong which makes a comparative approach the focal point of studying social policy, development and governance
    • Focus on examining the major global policy in ageing, support for children and families, employment, life-long learning, health, well-being and social care, housing and urban planning
    • Visits will be organised to partner universities in Greater China and East Asia. Students will also have the opportunity to spend time at the University of York, UK
    • Suitable for those who pursue professional careers in education, journalism, social work or aspiring to become a social policy researcher in the government, think tank, local or international NGO, political parties or university research centres of social policy, development, and governance
    • A quality option for further studies in an MPhil or PhD programme

    Tel: (852) 2616-8113
    Email: imcsp-admissions@LN.edu.hk

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  • Master of Social Sciences in Applied Psychology

    Master of Social Sciences in Applied Psychology

    • MAP is designed for students without psychology background but aiming to pursue a career or advanced study in clinical, educational, industrial/organisational and counselling psychology
    • Offers both full-time and part-time study modes. The minimum study period of full-time mode is 12 months, and part-time mode is 24 months
    • Suitable for those with little or no background in Psychology
    • An option for specialisation in Counselling Psychology
    • Opportunity to register for Hong Kong Psychological Society membership upon graduation

    Tel: (852) 2616-7801
    Email: mssap_admission@LN.edu.hk

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