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To enable our students to devote full efforts to their studies and to support their academic learning and development at Lingnan University, the University and the School of Graduate Studies have been providing the best possible financial support to postgraduate students from around the world, including low and middle-income countries.



For Research Postgraduate Students

A number of financial sponsorships and scholarships are offered by the University to research postgraduate students to support their research studies and to provide opportunities for them to enrich their international learning experiences and to engage in academic exchanges. Please click here for more details.


  • Fellowships and Studentships
  • Research Postgraduate Student Conference/Field Trip Sponsorships
  • Research Postgraduate Scholarships for Overseas Research Visits
  • Tuition Waiver


Click here for more details.


All our local and non-local research postgraduate students are supported financially, and many of our non-local students come from low and middle-income countries like Bangladesh, Ghana, India, Myanmar, Nepal, Nigeria, Pakistan, Peru, Uganda, Zambia.



For Taught Postgraduate Students housed under the School

To attract candidates of high calibre to join taught postgraduate programmes of the University and to diversify students’ international learning experiences, many of our taught postgraduate programmes offer generous financial support.


Recognising the academic strengths and personal qualities of working professionals and/or young people who seek to pursue their studies at our School of Graduate Studies, we offer different forms of scholarships and financial aids, e.g. entrance scholarships, exchange sponsorships, monthly studentship, etc. to taught postgraduate students, depending on their academic achievements and/or personal financial circumstances. Many of these are non-local students from low and middle-income countries like Bangladesh, Ghana, India, Nigeria, Zambia.



Chinese Medicine Health Scheme for Postgraduate Students

As one of the initiatives under the “CC4U” Campaign launched by the School of Graduate Studies to support postgraduate students’ well-being, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic when we all face different challenges, all postgraduate students are entitled to two free Chinese Medicine services at the Chinese Medicine Clinic (CMC) on campus. Please click here for more information.



Other Sources of Funding and Scholarships

The University and difference departments also provide additional funding opportunities to students of different backgrounds. There are a number of scholarship awards donated by memorial funds, organisations, professional bodies and individuals for eligible students. For details, please refer to the webpage of the Office of Student Affairs.