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Staff in all Departments have extensive professional, teaching and research experience in the major Social Science disciplines.


The Faculty of Social Sciences consists of four departments:



Department of Applied Psychology

The Department of Applied Psychology is the latest addition to the Faculty of Social Sciences. The faculty in the Department focusses its research and teaching to the understanding and application of psychological principles to practical problems in different life domains and has a particular research focus on Positive Occupational Health Psychology and Cross-cultural Psychology. The Department provides psychology courses, including social psychology, developmental psychology, and cognitive psychology. 




Department of Economics

It is the mission of the Department of Economics to offer courses of an applied nature that will enable students to better understand current affairs and policy matters, so they can assess the impact of government policy, and that of demographic, technological, and social changes on businesses and the daily lives of people, and can contribute to policy debate intelligently. It is the Department’s vision to build up international recognition for its scholarship and service to Hong Kong.


Political Science

Department of Political Science

Lingnan is the only university in Hong Kong which has a Department which uses the name "Political Science". With the four-year curriculum, the Department has begun offering a major in Political Science and is also involved in teaching politics courses in the two majors, International Economy and Politics (IEP) and Social and Public Policy Studies (SPPS). The research expertise of the faculty in the Department includes the politics of Hong Kong and contemporary China, the international relations of East Asia, and the political economy of development.


Sociology and Social Policy


Department of Sociology and Social Policy

Lingnan University is the only university in Hong Kong with a Department that combines Sociology and Social Policy. Sociology is the scientific study of human interaction and examines the reasons and causes of social conduct. Sociology treats individual humans as active and thoughtful beings, at the same time believes that human conduct is decisively shaped by the situations and social networks - based on family, work, residence - in which people find themselves.



Applied Psychology


Political Science

Sociology & Social Policy

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