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Course Descriptions

SOC 501
Social Policy Analysis: Comparative Perspectives This course explores the field of policy analysis with a particular focus on how policy is formulated and delivered in different institutional contexts. Download syllabus
SOC 502
Comparative Social Policy Research Methods This course offers students the opportunity to explore the critical dimensions of social policy through ‘hands-on' data exercises. Download syllabus
SOC 503
Understanding Social Indicators and Social Policies In this course, you will explore major social indicators and learn to evaluate and compare processes of social change across comparative contexts. Download syllabus
SOC 504
Comparative Social Policy in Greater China and East Asia In this course, you will critically examine how the government, NGOs, and private enterprises respond to significant social challenges. Download syllabus
SOC 505
Globalisation, Policy and Society This course provides students with an introduction to debates on globalisation and its consequences for social policy, well-being and contemporary social divisions. Download syllabus
SOC 601
Governance, Management and Delivery This course is designed to explore the nature of governance, management, and delivery in different comparative contexts. Download syllabus
SOC 602
Dialogue with Policy Practitioners: Theory and Practice In this course, you will engage in field visits to government offices, NGOs, and policy institutes in Hong Kong. Download syllabus
SOC 604
Asia Pacific Comparative Development and Policy Symposium This course will enable you to interact with leading international researchers in an academic conference setting. Download syllabus
SOC 605
Comparative Social Policy Research Project In this course, you will demonstrate your analytical ability through the completion of an individually supervised research topic of your own choice. Download syllabus
SOC 50*
Policy Research and Evaluation Design This course introduces you to the role of research in evidence-based policy and practice. Download syllabus
SOC 60*
Comparative Social Indicators and Research Methods In this course, you will be introduced to major social indicators and gain the opportunity to explore them through ‘hands-on' data exercises. Download syllabus

A student talking with her professor
Comparative Social Policy Research Project

Once you completed all coursework, you will work on your capstone project with the help of an expert faculty supervisor. This project will enable you to produce a substantial research paper of typically around 8,000-10,000 words in length that reflects a deep understanding of a topic entirely of your own choice. Due to the individual nature of students' research interests, the subjects studied vary considerably, but projects may ask, for example:

  • How is people's experience of poverty and material deprivation affected by welfare policies in the Southern Chinese Greater Bay Area?
  • Is the public support for older adults in Hong Kong adequate and can policymakers learn any lessons from European societies?
  • What makes a sound housing policy in contemporary Asian societies?
  • Are public policies to increase health care coverage in low-income countries effective?
  • How do higher education policies in different societies influence young people's school-to-work transition?
  • What are the factors impacting the work-life balance of families with children in different societies?
  • Do conditional cash transfers in South Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa work