International Students

As one of the most economically important and cosmopolitan cities in Asia, Hong Kong offers a lot for international students. Although primarily known as a global financial centre, Hong Kong offers a unique global knowledge economy and local culture. As such, Hong Kong features countless opportunities to meet new friends and try food from all over the world. It is the home of one of Asia's busiest international airports, which connects you to other Asian travel destinations. You can spend your study breaks in one of the sprawling local coffee shops. Or maybe you would instead use your free time to engage with the work of local artists and designers, which showcase their creativity in countless galleries and museums. In Hong Kong, you will never be far from one of the many beaches, hiking tracks, and natural parks, which can be easily reached by public transport. You will find it easy to connect with the local community since English is prevalent everywhere.

We offer tuition fee waiver scholarships to outstanding international applicants

The scholarship amount will typically be equivalent to at least half or three-quarters of the total IMCSP programme tuition fee, depending on the student in question. The IMCSP programme team may also offer research assistant positions to applicants if deemed appropriate. We automatically consider all international students who receive admission offers eligible to compete for this financial support.


Here is what our international IMCSP graduates have to say:

Ayomide Oladuso from Lagos, Nigeria

“Studying IMCSP at Lingnan University brings out the best in you. The best thing about studying at Lingnan for me was definitely the IMCSP lecturers and the high-quality lectures I sat in daily.

The relatively small class sizes coupled with how receptive the lecturers are to share their unquantifiable knowledge was no doubt critical to the success of my degree. As a student of IMCSP in Lingnan University, you are guided on what you want to do and not instructed on what to do. All you have to do is share your vision and you will be directed towards achieving it. The blend of diversity among the lecturers provided an insider-outsider approach to the course, as an international student this made the course very relatable and easy to understand.

The course also offered students multiple opportunities to work in groups to complete tasks, I believe this aspect of the course is important as it requires a group of individuals to work cohesively and enjoyably because it brings an immense sense of gratification in being successful as a team.

Finally, students of the IMCSP are well grounded and prepared to pursue multiple professional and academic career after graduating. I can attest to this because the programme has provided me an opportunity to pursue my long-term desire of PhD studies which I will commence in the coming session.  I am indeed grateful to God, the lecturers and staff of IMCSP, and my family for supporting me on this journey.”

Ayomide Oladosu, IMCSP Graduate from Lagos, Nigeria

Ayoninuoluwa Joshua Oluwadare, IMCSP Graduate from Lagos, Nigeria

“Doing a Master's degree programme at Lingnan University is a truly unique experience, full of many great and challenging moments. Hong Kong, as a major financial city, bubbles with its tall buildings, its never-ending events, the mountains, and the vibrant marketplaces.

Overall, the IMCSP programme allowed me to view the world through the lens of development and socially active welfare. As an African student, life at Lingnan University features multi-cultural experiences and a friendly, welcoming campus.

The professors and tutors encouraged lively discussions in the classrooms while also recognising the unique abilities of their students. The university offers hands-on practical experience in the different programmes and fields being studied, and the campus is compact and easily accessible. Also, Lingnan University looks after the wellbeing of the students and, throughout my time, I felt well supported.

Studying in Hong Kong allows you to come across different people and experience diverse cultures, providing the opportunity to forge lasting friendships. There are places and communities for both the locals and international students and Lingnan University is at the centre of it.”

Ayoninuoluwa Joshua Oluwadare, IMCSP Graduate from Lagos, Nigeria

Gonzalo Fabian Angeles, IMCSP Graduate from Mexico City, Mexico

“I am left wondering what drew me to Hong Kong to pursue my master's degree. The availability of generous scholarships may have incentivized it, or perhaps it was because of the chance to earn my Master's degree in only one year. I can only summarize my experience at Lingnan University as one of the best decisions I have ever made.

There's never time to do everything in Hong Kong. After a hard morning in the library, one can go to the pool and dive in. On weekends it is easy to spend time among the modern buildings on Hong Kong Island. But if one gets tired of the urban life, mountains are never far away for a break on the top of a peak.

All the professors were well prepared for each class, promoting discussions and always giving constructive feedback. The master's degree in Social Policy is not a solo journey. There is always a plethora of resources and support to achieve any goal. Studying in Hong Kong was an eye-opening experience, which made me prove myself not only academically but also in a personal way. Do not hesitate to enrol in this amazing programme.”

Gonzalo Fabian Angeles, IMCSP Graduate from Mexico City, Mexico


We are currently accepting applications for the AY2024/25, starting in Sep 2024 | Application Deadline: 31 July 2024



Length of Study

  • One year full-time
  • Two years part-time