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Research Interest

Social and political theory

Islam in Western societies

Dynamics of scholarly collaboration


Chan Hau Nung, Annie




Domestic work


Chen Hon Fai


Civil society

Social theory

Qualitative research

Historical sociology


Roman David

Political sociology and political psychology

Collective memory and transitional justice (apologies, reparation of victims, lustrations, trials and amnesties, second chance, forgiveness, revenge)


Law and Society


Esra Burak Ho


Social Stratification

Distributive Justice

Executive compensation



Stefan Kuehner

Comparative social policy analysis

Political economy of welfare

Politics of welfare state development and reform

Historical institutionalism

Comparative methodology


Law Wing Kin, Kenneth

Pre-retirement preparation and planning

Social perception of later life

Ageing and elderly problems

Population problems and policies

Social construction of social problems

Social Indicators


Mok Ka Ho, Joshua

Comparative Development and Policy Studies

Comparative Social Policy and Governance

Comparative Education Policy


O'Connor Paul

Skateboard Culture: Edgework, Secular Pilgrimage, Embodiment

Ethnicity: Regligious and Ethnic minorities, Expatriate Child Rearing

Social Theory: Hybridity, Rhythmanalysis, Prefigurative Politics


David R. Phillips

Social gerontology

Asia-Pacific Ageing

Population, health and development

Social epidemiology

Global health

Health and environment


XU Xiaohong

Social theory

Comparative historical analysis

Culture and power

Technology and society