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The links below are the most recently available syllabi. For the general information about all courses offered by the Department of Sociology and Social Policy, please click on the courses: Cluster (CLD & E), Sociology (SOC) and Social Sciences (SSC).

Second Term, 2018-2019

CLD9002 Understanding Social and Economic Indicators

CLE9016 Sexuality and Society

SOC2101 Introduction to Sociology

SOC3001 Principles and Practice of Social Policy

SOC3002 Family and Society

SOC3101 Sociological Research Methods

SOC3202 Contemporary Sociological Theory

SOC3204 Society and Social Change

SOC3330 Crime and Delinquency

SOC4001 Historical Justice and Collective Memory

SOC4103 Social Issues in Contemporary Chinese Societies

SOC4321 Social Justice

SOC4324 Work and Occupation

SSC3002 Housing and Society

SSC3003 Digital Society

SSC3319 Junior Research Project

SSC3320 Population Dynamics and Policy

SSC4319 Senior Thesis

SSC4339 Global Health