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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)
2020 AMANKWAA Afua CHAN Hau Nung, Annie / Roman DAVID Effects of Parental Incarceration on their Children: A Study of Children of Incarcerated Parents
2020 KANG Yuyang MOK Ka-ho, Joshua / JIANG Jin A Study of Graduate Entrepreneurs in Urban China: The Case of Shenzhen
2019 GWENZI Getrude Dadirai Chan Hau Nung, Annie / Roman David Constructing the Meaning of Family in the Context of Biological Family Separation: A Study of Children in Institutional Care and Care Leavers in Zimbabwe
2018 GYASI Razak Mohammed David Phillips / Roman David Ageing, Health and Health-Seeking Behaviour in Ghana
2018 KRYGIER Kamila Anna Roman David / Chan Hau Nung, Annie Relative Deprivation, Justice Perceptions and Forgiveness of Victims in Poland and Uganda
2018 MA Yin Mok Ka Ho, Joshua / BURAK HO Beste Esra A 'Good Job' Conceptualization in China: A Comparative Study of Shenzhen and Lanzhou
2017 AMOAH Padmore Adusei David Phillips / Roman David Social Capital, Health Literacy, and Access to Healthcare: A Study among Rural and Urban Populations in Ghana
2013 Wong Ka Fai Chan Cheung Ming, Alfred / Lee Keng Mun, William A Study of the Universities of the Third Age in Hong Kong: An Evaluation of Elder Academy Model for the Lifelong Learning of Older People
2012 Cao Ting Lee Keng-mun, William / Chan Cheung Ming, Alfred The impacts of modernity on family structure and function: A study among Beijing, Hong Kong and Yunnan families
2006 Ma Hok Ka, Carol Chan Cheung Ming, Alfred / David R Phillips Explaining Older Patients and Doctors Relationship through Negotiation
2002 Lee Kok Long, Joseph Chan Cheung Ming, Alfred / David R Phillips Ascertaining patient condition : a grounded theory study of diagnostic practice in nursing
Master of Philosophy (MPhil)
Year Graduate Supervisor(s) Title
2020 LI Bo MOK Ka-ho, Joshua / David PHILLIPS Hukou Decentralization and Migrant Students' Educational Opportunities: Case Studies in Beijing and Shenzhen, China
2019 ADDAE Evelyn Aboagye Stefan Kuehner / Roman David Pathways toward Adolescents' Well-being in Ghana: The Role of Socioeconomic Status and Social Capital
2019 CHEUNG Chun Ho Chen Hon Fai / Chan Hau Nung, Annie Social Media and Political Participation: A Case Study of Facebook as a Platform of Communication, Mobilization and Action
2019 YIP Yui Fung Peter Baehr / Chen Hon Fai The Dynamics of Online Shaming: A Sociological Study of Hong Kong's Virtual World
2019 YUNG Sheung Ching David R Phillips / Chan Hau Nung, Annie An Investigation of the Identity of Naturalised Players in the Hong Kong Representative Football Team from the Perspective of Different Hong Kong Football Stakeholders
2017 Zhang Yu Chan Hau Nung, Annie / Chen Hon Fai From Outsiders to In-betweens: Identity Negotiation of Thai Female Migrants in Hong Kong
2017 Yeung Ka Yi Chan Hau Nung, Annie / Esra Burak Ho Alternative Sexualities/Intimacies? Yuri Fans Community in the Chinese Context
2016 Leung Ho Man Peter Baehr / Chen Hon Fai Repertoire, Framing and Visions - The Occupy Movement in Hong Kong
2015 Lai Chun On

Siu Leung Sea, Lucia / Chan Hau Nung, Annie

The Making of Rurality in Hong Kong: Villagers' Changing Perception of Rural Space
2015 Yao Yechen

David R Phillips / Roman David

Leisure and Life Satisfaction among Tai Chi and Public Square Dance Participants in Hong Kong
2015 Lau Sui Chan Hau Nung, Annie / Chen Hon Fai "Why Do Girls Stay Silent?": An Exploratory Research on Young Women's Tolerance toward Stranger Harassment
2014 Wong Yi Qing Cheung Yue Lok, Francis / Siu Oi Ling A Study of Authentic Leadership Adopting the Job Demands and Resources Approach in Predicting Work-Related Flow and Job Performance
2013 Anna Tang Chan Cheung Ming, Alfred / Lee Keng Mun, William 香港子女贍養父母立法研究
2013 Man Kit Chan Hau Nung, Annie / Siu Leung Sea, Lucia Citizenship Education in Post-1997 Hong Kong: Civic Education or Nationalistic Education?
2013 Yau Yuen Ling, Elaine David R Phillips / Cheung Yue-lok, Francis Social Differentiation and Age-Friendly Characteristics: A Case Study in Tuen Mun
2013 Siu Cho Ngan Siu Oi-ling / Vicki Yeung Extending Job Demands-Resources Model: The Roles of Energy Management Strategies and Recovery Experiences in Facing Differentiated Job Demands
2012 Cerda Alexandre

Chan Cheung Ming, Alfred / Chan Hau Nung, Annie

Triad Movies and Young people's Perception of Triads in Hong Kong
2012 Chan Yau Tsang David R Phillips / Siu Oi-ling Materialism and Life Satisfaction among Older People in Hong Kong: A Case Study and Comparison with Younger People
2011 Shek King Fan, Veronica Chan Hau Nung, Annie / Chan Cheung Ming, Alfred Spousal Abuse and Social Workers: When Private Sphere Goes Public
2011 Lui Chun Lok Siu Oi-ling / Cheung Yue-lok, Francis A Study of Positive Emotions and Turnover Intentions among Hong Kong Police Officers: The Mediation Role of Psychological Capital and Work Well-bing
2010 Tang Shuwen, Tina Siu Oi-ling / Cheung Yue-lok, Francis Work Support, Work-family Enrichment, Work Demand and Work Well-being among Chinese Employees: A Study of Mediating and Moderating Processes
  Wong Yuk-ha, Creamy David R Phillips / Siu Oi-ling Spirituality and Ageing: A Qualitative Study of Religiosity of Chinese Older Persons in Hong Kong
2009 Cheung Cheuk-wai, Jeffrey Chan Hau Nung, Annie / Kwok Hong-kin Risk Culture of Late Modernity? Mass Tutoring Enrolment of Hong Kong's Senior Secondary Students
  Man Pui Kwan

David R Phillips / Lee Keng-mun, William

Negotiation in Cross-Cultural Marriages: An Exploratory Qualitative Study among Middle Class Professionals in Hong Kong
  So Shuk Ching Crystal David R Phillips / Peter Beahr

Older Persons' Perceptions of their Future: A Qualitative Study in Hong Kong (This thesis has been selected for the Best MPhil. Thesis Award by the Hong Kong Sociological Association in 2009.)

  Tam Caillie David R Phillips / Law Wing Kin, Kenneth Exploring the Television Portrayal of Older People in Hong Kong: A Study of Two Public Affairs Documentary Series
2008 Chan On Fung David R Phillips / Cheng Hing Cheung, Kevin Fear of Crime among Older Persons: An Exploratory Qualitative Study in Different Environments in Hong Kong
  Chang Wing Fung, Chad David R Phillips / Siu Oi-ling

Information Technology Usage and Quality of Life among Older Persons: A Qualitative Study in Hong Kong

2007 Cheng Ka Yan, Little David R Phillips / Siu Oi-ling A study of travel behavior, travel preferences, and subjective well-being of older persons in Hong Kong
  Yong Kit Ying, Connie David R Phillips / Law Wing Kin, Kenneth

Age identity and adjustment patterns in later life: A qualitative study of retired secondary school teachers and manual workers in Hong Kong

2006 Chan Sin Yui, Sharon David R Phillips / Chan Cheung Ming, Alfred The Role of Volunteering in Successful Ageing: Impacts on Psychological Well-being of Older Persons
2005 Hui Sze Sze Chan Cheung Ming, Alfred / David R Phillips Lifelong Learning for Older Persons in Hong Kong
Hung Sing Nam Chan Cheung Ming, Alfred / David R Phillips Exploring the Changing Relationship Between Formal Carers, Informal Carers and Carees During the Elder-Care Process
Wang Xuemei Chan Cheung Ming, Alfred / David R Phillips 香港老年保障制度改革模式
Yan Sze Wing, Gloria David R Phillips / Chan Cheung Ming, Alfred Older Mothers' Expectations of Intergenerational Relationships: The Intergenerational Ambivalence Perspective
She Kwok Hung, Billy Lee Keng Mun, William / David R Phillips A Study of Life Events and Psychological Well-being among Older Persons: The Role of Self-esteem, Coping and Locus of Control
Tso Ho Yee, Vienne Lee Keng Mun, William / David R Phillips An Exploratory Study on Women's Retirement in Hong Kong: A Life Course Approach
2003 Lau Tsz Wai David R Phillips / Chan CheungMing, Alfred Explaining volunteering in old age : a social reinforcement perspective
Wong Nga Man David R Phillips  / Law Wing Kin, Kenneth Images of older persons in Hong Kong popular films
2002 Chiu Mei Lan, Mandy David R Phillips / Chan Cheung Ming, Alfred The concept of healthy ageing in Hong Kong
Tsoi San Kiu, Sunday Lee Keng Mun, William / Chan Hau Nung, Annie Discrimination and social adjustment of 'new arrival women' from Mainland China
2001 Chan Siu Pan, Benny David R Phillips / Siu Oi Ling

Impacts of residential relocation on stress, coping and quality of life among older persons in Hong Kong

Fong Meng Soi, Florence David R Phillips / Siu Oi Ling

An exploratory study of informal support and life satisfaction of older persons in Macau

2000 Loo Wai Man, Avis David Phillips

Living environment and residential satisfaction of older persons in Hong Kong : a comparative study between Sha Tin new town and Wan Chai urban area

1999 Chan Shing Tak, Pedro Lee Keng Mun, William Case studies on the assimilation of contemporary mainland migrant families in Hong Kong : a segmented assimilation theory perspective
Ng Ching Ying, Anita David Phillips / Lee Keng Mun, William Informal support of older persons under different living arrangements : a case study in Tuen Mun, Hong Kong
1997 Chan Sui Wah, Barbara Che Wai Kin The influence of religion on the drug treatment and rehabilitation in Hong Kong