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Welcome to the Centre for Social Policy and Social Change

The Centre brings together a group of social scientists with a wide variety of disciplinary skills and experiences. Centre Fellows share a commitment to local, international and comparative research that is policy relevant and engages with some of the key challenges facing governments and households in this rapidly changing world.

The overall focus of the Centre is on the interface between major societal change and the challenges for policy intervention. These challenges include the impact of new technology on life chances, the stresses and strains of more intensive and more extensive urbanization, the social consequences of climate change, mobility in the knowledge economy and a more complex and polarized transition from youth to adulthood.

The Centre`s research is currently organized around four interconnected themes:

- Cities and Social Cohesion

- Higher Education and New Mobilities

- New Dimensions of Inequality

- The Family, Wellbeing and Youth Transition

The Centre aims to be a meeting place for faculty, postdoctoral and research students and a venue for knowledge transfer between the academic and the policy communities.

Ray Forrest

June 2018