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Current and Recent Research

2019-2021, Housing as an Intergenerational Project-parental resources, parental strategies and the housing opportunities of young people in Hong Kong, Lau, Maggie (PI), Yip, Ngai-Ming. (CityU), & Wang, W., Policy Innovation and Co-ordination Office: HKD 868,278.
2020, Making Smart Neighborhoods, Lau, Maggie (PI), Wang, W. (CoI), Lingnan FRG: HKD 49,900.
2019-2020, Privacy Challenges and Big Data in Smart City, IP, Iam Chong (PI), FU, King Wa (CoI), LEUNG, Kai Chi (CoI), LEUNG, & Yuk Ming Lisa (CoI), Policy Innovation and Co-ordination Office: HKD 268,870.00.
2019, China`s Home Owning Society-exploring the contradictions and confusions, Forrest, R. (PI), Tong, K. S., & Wang, W., Lingnan FRG: HKD 50,000.
2018, Scoping Study on High Rise Communities and Vertical Urbanism, Forrest, R. (PI), O’Connor, P., Wang, W., & Tong, K. S., Lingnan FRG: HKD 50,000.
2015-2018, Frontier City: Place, belonging and community in contemporary Shenzhen, Forrest, R. (PI), Yip, Ngai-Ming (CityU) & Wang, W., HKRGC: HKD 855,000.
2015-2018, Neighbourhood in an Increasingly Mobile Society, Forrest, R. (Co-I) & Yip, Ngai-Ming (CityU), HKRGC, HK$ 925,000.
2016-2017, Tenant Purchase, Assisted Home Ownership and Social and Residential Mobility, Forrest, R. (PI) & Yip, Ngai-ming (CityU), Central Policy Unit: HKD 657,000.

Selected Recent Publications

Wang, W. (2020). Everyday practice in the high density, volumetric Hong Kong: Ambiguity, intensity and life between interfaces. Cities.
Forrest, R., Ren, J., & Wissink, B. (Eds.) (2019). The City in China: New Perspectives on Contemporary Urbanism. Bristol University Press.
Wang, W. (2019). A study of digitally-enhanced people-space interaction: A place-centric perspective. Space and Culture
Amoah, P. A., Mok, K. H., Wen, Z., & Li, L. W. (2019). Achieving the age-friendly city agenda: an interventional study in Hong Kong’s Islands district. Journal of Asian Public Policy  
Wong, P. P. Y., Lai, P. C., Allen, R., Cheng, W., Lee, M., Tsui, A., Tang, R., Thach, T. Q., Tian, L., Brauer, M., Barratt, B. (2019). Vertical monitoring of traffic-related air pollution (TRAP) in urban street canyons of Hong Kong. Science of the Total Environment, 670, 696-703.  
Groves, J. M., & O'Connor, P. (2019). Whiteness out of place: White parents’ encounters with local Chinese schooling in post-colonial Hong Kong. The Sociological Review, [003802611986586].   
O'Connor, P. J. (2018). Hong Kong skateboarding and network capital. Journal of Sport and Social Issues, 42(6), 419-436.
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Forrest, R. (2018). Housing wealth, social structures and changing narratives. International Journal of Urban Sciences, 1-15.
Ip, I. C. (2018). State, class and capital: gentrification and new urban developmentalism in Hong Kong. Critical Sociology, 44(3), 547-562.
Forrest, R., Koh, S.Y., & Wissink, B. (2017) (Eds.) Cities and the superrich-real estate, elite practices and urban political economies. London: Palgrave Macmillan.