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Current and Recent Research

2019-2021, Housing as an Intergenerational Project-parental resources, parental strategies and the housing opportunities of young people in Hong Kong, Forrest, R. (PI), Yip, Ngai-Ming. (CityU), & Wang, W., Policy Innovation and Co-ordination Office: HKD 826,000.
2018-2020, The Voices of Ethnic Minority Children on Their Lives and Well-Being in Hong Kong, LAU, Ka Wai Maggie (PI) & KÜHNER, Stefan (CoI), Hong Kong Committee for UNICEF: HKD766,197.00.
2018-2020, Promoting the Well-being of Children and Young People in Hong Kong, KÜHNER, Stefan (PI), AMOAH, Padmore Adusei (CoI), FORREST, Ray (CoI), HAN, Xiao, (CoI), JIANG, Jin (CoI), LAU, Ka Wai Maggie (CoI), WEN, Zhuoyi Vincent (CoI), LU Research Committee: HKD70,000.00.
2018-2020, All by Myself? A Study on the Situations of Singles in Two Chinese Cities, HKRGC, Jiang, J. (Co-I), HKD 549,400.
2017-2018, A Study of Contracting Out Social Services and Changing Welfare Governance in China, HKRGC, Mok. K. H. (PI) and Jiang, J., HKD 776,200.
2016-2017, Hong Kong Non-Governmental Welfare Organisations in Mainland China: Services, Challenges and Opportunities, Central Policy Unit, Mok. K. H. (PI) and Jiang, J., HKD 930,460.

Selected Recent Publications

Xian, S., & Forrest, R. (2019). The post-80s generation: exploring the attitudes toward family and housing. Journal of Youth Studies  
Lau, M. K. W., Gordon, D., Zhang, M. F., & Bradshaw, J. (2019). Children’s and Adults’ perceptions of child necessities in Hong Kong. Social Policy and Administration  
Mok, K. H., & Qian, J. (2019). A new welfare regime in the making? Paternalistic welfare pragmatism in China. Journal of European Social Policy, 29(1), 100-114.
Forrest, R., & Xian, S. (2018). Accommodating discontent : youth, conflict and the housing question in Hong Kong. Housing Studies, 33(1), 1-17.
Gyasi, R.M. & Abass, K. (2018). Sexual risk behaviour and uptake of HIV Counselling and Testing among youth in Metropolitan Kumasi, Ghana. Journal of HIV/AIDS & Social Services, 17(2):
Mok, K.H. and Kuhner, S. (eds.) (2018) Managing Welfare Expectations and Social Change: Policy Transfer in Asia, London: Routledge.
Mok, K.H., Mumin, A.A., Gyasi, R.M., Segbefia, A.Y., Forkour, D. & Ganle, J.K. (2018). The internalised and social experiences of AIDS-induced stigma and discrimination in urban Ghana. Global Social Welfare, 5(2):83-93.
Amoah, P. A., Phillips, D. R., Gyasi, R. M., Koduah, A. O., & Edusei, J. (2017). Health literacy and self-perceived health status among street youth in Kumasi, Ghana. Cogent Medicine, 4, 1275091.