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theme inequality

Current and Recent Research

22016-2018, Attitudes toward Top Incomes in Hong Kong, Mainland China, and the United States, HKRGC, Burak, E., HKD 576,360.
2017-2019, Relationships Between Poverty and Neurocognitive Skills, Central Policy Unity, Lau, M. (PI), HKD 700,000. 

Selected Recent Publications

Saunders, P., & Tang, V. M. (2019). Adult and child deprivation in Hong Kong. Social Policy and Administration.  
Kühner, S., Lau, M., Jiang, J., & Wen, Z. (2019). Personal income, local communities and happiness in a rich global city: evidence from Hong Kong. Journal of Asian Public Policy.  
Kühner, S., & Chou, K. L. (2019). Poverty alleviation, coverage and fiscal sustainability: Investigating the effect of a new social pension in Hong Kong. International Journal of Social Welfare, 28(1), 89-99.  
Lau, M. K., & Chou, K. (2019). Targeting, Universalism and Child Poverty in Hong Kong. Child Indicators Research, 12(1), 255-275.  
Arat, G., & Kerelian, N. N. (2019). The Promotion of Socially Inclusive East Asian Society: the Hong Kong Case. Journal of Human Rights and Social Work.  
Burak, E. (2018). Is the sky the limit? Fair executive pay as performance rises. Social Problems, 65(2), 211-230.
Lau, K. W. M., & Bradshaw, J. (2018). Material well-being, social relationships and children’s overall life satisfaction in Hong Kong. Child Indicators Research, 11(1), 185-205.
Lau, M., & Gordon, D. (Eds.) (2017). Poverty in a rich society: The case of Hong Kong. Hong Kong: Chinese University of Hong Kong Press.


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