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Community Services Awards

Enquiries: Tel: 2616 7333 | Email:

The awards and scholarships will be awarded to students who have outstanding commitment, good leadership and achievement in community service:

Talent Development Scholarship & Reaching Out Award
Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) Government Scholarship Fund

The Talent Development Scholarship (TDS) and Reaching Out Award (ROA), which are under the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) Government Scholarship Fund, aim at encouraging and supporting students in pursing all-round development, striving for excellence and broadening their horizons and international outlook.

Full-time undergraduate or above level students on UGC-funded programmes

Talent Development Scholarship

This award recognizes the students who not only have outstanding academic performance, but also possess demonstrated achievements and talents in other non-academic fields.

Selection Criteria
Full-time undergraduate or above level students on UGC-funded programmes who

  1. demonstrated achievement or talent in following areas:
    1. Sports and games
    2. Music and performing arts
    3. Culture, arts and design
    4. Innovation, science and technology
  2. have good academic performance (CGPA 2.5 or above)
  3. have track records in the recent three years of active participation in any of the above areas and demonstrated continual striving for improvement and excellence. In addition, the applicants should at least –
    1. receive an award in international, national or regional competitions / performance; or
    2. represent institution or relevant association in international, national or regional competitions / performances and have good recommendation / assessment by the institution or relevant organization on the capacity or talent; or
    3. receive an award (except commendable award in recognition of participation) in local / inter-school / inter-institution competitions.

Application Period: 9 Jan - (17:00) 29 Jan 2019

Application details, please refer to the Application guideline.

Reaching Out Award

This award aims to equip students with an international vision, broadening their exposure to multicultural environment and enhancing their communication skill in other languages.

Selection Criteria
Full-time undergraduate or above level students on UGC-funded programmes who

  1. participate in an event/ competition (e.g. Conferences/ forums/ workshops/ seminars/ training camps/ competitions, service projects etc.), partake in an internship or placement (credit-bearing/ non-credit bearing), take part in a field/ study trip or attend a course (e.g. foreign language immersion programmes, academic exchange programmes etc.) that is conducted outside Hong Kong in the academic year ; The outreaching activity should either be organized or endorsed by Departments/ office of University and conducted during the period 1 September 2017 - 31 August 2018.
  2. have good academic performance (CGPA 3.00 or above)
  3. have not received the ROA before
  4. local and final year students are preferred

Due to keen competition and limited number of awards, it is not guaranteed that applicant will be awarded even he/she has fulfilled the above-mentioned eligibility.

Reflection Report
The recipients should submit a reflection report on the activity participated and the learning experiences and benefits acquired to SSC within 1 month upon completion of the outreaching activity.
For those recipients who completed the outreaching activity before the ROA application period, the reflection report should submit to SSC within 1 month after the application result released.

Application Period: To be confirmed

Dr and Mrs James Tak Wu Awards for Outstanding Service for Students

With a view to making Lingnan a “preferred and renowned liberal arts” University among prospective Lingnanians, we strive to continually improve our staff profile. The Awards are expected to achieve the following:

To recognize and reward  students of the University who have demonstrated outstanding service to the University or community beyond the scope of their normal study.


  • Full-time undergraduate / postgraduate students


  • HK$5,000 and a trophy


  • Outstanding service to the general community
  • Outstanding service to professional / academic community
  • Outstanding contribution to the University
  • Good interpersonal relationships

Procedure of Application / Nomination

  • Application by students concerned; or
  • Nomination by heads of units, faculty members or fellow students
  • All nominations must have the consent of the nominees concerned.


  • The shortlisted candidates will be asked to attend a selection interview to be held in late February or early March 2018.

Application Period: 18 Jan - 12 Feb 2019

Hang Seng Community Service Scholarships

Year 2 or Year 3 undergraduate students (Hong Kong permanent resident) who contributed a minimum of 100 hours of recognized volunteer services during 1 January to 31 December and have achieved outstanding academic performance with cumulative G.P.A. 3.3 or above
The two awardees will receive HK$20,000 cash award each

Evolot SS Lai Outstanding Student Scholarship

Year 2 or above local undergraduate students who have made contributions to the community during the year(s) of study and have achieved good academic performance with cumulative G.P.A. 3.1 or above
The two awardees will receive HK$10,000 cash award each

*Eligible applicants will be considered for the above scholarships. NO separate application is required.

Selection criteria

  1. Student has consistently demonstrated outstanding service to the community.
  2. Outstanding academic performance
  3. Good interpersonal relationships

Short-listed applicants are required to attend an interview in March.

Application Period: 19 Jan - 13 Feb 2018

Lingnan Education Organization Ambassadors Programme - Leadership and Service Scholarships
嶺南教育機構大使計劃 - 領導及服務獎學金

The Lingnan Education Organization will donate four annual scholarships in recognition of students’ good academic performance, leadership qualities and involvement in community service.
Undergraduate students who have achieved good academic performance, and have made contribution to Lingnan University and the community

The Scholarships shall be open for application by all full-time undergraduate students.

The three awardees will receive HK$5,000 cash award each.

The shortlisted candidates will be asked to attend a selection interview to be held in March.

Application Period: 12 Jan - 2 Feb 2018

Outstanding Service Awards for Tertiary Students

Hong Kong Student Services Association
Hong Kong Outstanding Tertiary Students' Services Association

To encourage students to develop leadership and life-long commitment in the provision of services to the community


  • All students enrolled in full-time University Grants Committee(UGC) undergraduate programmes.
  • Previous awardees and incoming exchange students are not eligible for the Award.
  • Selection criteria:
    • Proven record of leadership experiences and organizational skills;
    • Outstanding contribution to fellow students, schools/institutions and/or the community;
    • Active participation in extra-curricular activities;
    • Satisfactory results in public examinations and current academic studies.

Short-listed applicants will be invited to attend a group interview on 21 April 2018 (Saturday). Short-listed applicants will be notified one week before the interview. Applicants who do not receive an invitation to the interview may consider their application unsuccessful.


  • Completed application forms must be submitted to the SSC counter by 5:00pm, 3 April 2018 (Tue).
  • Applicants should complete all relevant sections in the form and follow the required format strictly. Any alternation of the application form may lead to disqualification of the application.
  • Incomplete application form, inaccurate or false statements may also result in disqualification.

Application Period: Mar 2018

Lingnan Foundation W.T. Chan Fellowships Program

The Fellowship award will cover all aspects of the internship in United States, including international and domestic travel, housing, visa expenses, insurance, and a stipend to cover living expenses.

Lingnan Foundation W.T. Chan Fellows are selected on the basis of their commitment to service as well as their maturity, flexibility, experience, personal initiative and creativity. After their selection and orientation, each Fellow is assigned to work at a non-profit organization in the United States that addresses a critical social need. With support and guidance from program organizers, the internships are designed to help the Fellows gain practical experience in service work and inter-cultural cooperation. Fellows live in American homes for the full duration of the program. They also attend seminars on non-profit organization management and community development, cultural events, as well as mandatory weekly reflection meetings while in the United States.

All second year of third year undergraduate and postgraduate students from all majors
Final year undergraduate and postgraduate students should provide proof of acceptance to graduate program for next academic year on or before May of the year

Useful Information

For application form, details and submission system, please visit,

Apply Before: 16 Dec 2018 (Sun) by 23:00 Hong Kong Time

United Nations Volunteers – Hong Kong Universities Volunteer Internship Programme
聯合國義工計劃組織 – 香港大學生義工實習計劃

With a view to furthering youth volunteerism, the United Nations Volunteers – Hong Kong Universities Volunteer Internship Programme, funded by Home Affairs Bureau, was launched by Agency for Volunteer Service (AVS), with support from Hong Kong Volunteers Association and Peace and Development Foundation. It allows local university undergraduates to participate in a 6-month assignment under the UN Youth Volunteer modality serving under UN field units or agencies in South East and Central Asia.

Volunteer Assignments
Duration: 6 months
Locations: UN agencies / field units in South East and Central Asia
Service Scope: health and education; disaster risk reduction in the area of environment; youth issues and other areas with focus on information technology
Job Duties: administrative support, monitoring and evaluation, communications and outreach, etc.

Eligibility of Volunteers

  • at the time of application, enrolled in an undergraduate full degree programme in one of the partner universities
  • Hong Kong resident aged between 18-29 and recommended by the university with good reference
  • able to fulfill the required commitment of the Programme
  • commitment to global peace and development
  • proficiency in spoken and written English; knowledge of other languages of the working destination will be an asset
  • volunteering experience in or out of Hong Kong

Commitment of Volunteers

  • participate in pre-departure training in Hong Kong and orientation in the duty station
  • complete a 6-month assignment
  • submit final report on the assignment
  • participate in post-assignment de-briefing
  • share experience and inspirations gained from the assignment

Financial Support to Volunteers
The following expenses will be fully funded:

  • round trip travel costs from Hong Kong to duty station
  • monthly living allowance
  • health / life insurance

Application Method

  1. Download the application form from here. (APPLICATION CLOSED)
  2. Duly complete “Section I” of the application form.
  3. For “Section II” of the form, please arrange a nominator (must be a staff of the Lingnan University) to help complete this part for you.  It may be better if the nominator is the one who has understanding about your current and/or past volunteering experiences, and can highlight your attributes in relation to your suitability to the captioned programme.
  4. If you really have difficulty in securing a nominator for the application, please contact the Student Services Centre (tel: 2616 7333 / email: for assistance. 
  5. The duly completed application form should reach the Student Services Centre by 13 Nov 2018 (Tue).

Useful Information

Apply Before: 13 Nov 2018 (Tue)