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Cross-Cultural Integration

Lingnan Host Family Scheme

Welcome Lunch Group Photo



The Lingnan Host Family Scheme has been offered since 2008. Devoted staff members volunteer to be host families of non-local undergraduate students render students care and support, facilitate students’ adaptation and enrich their learning experiences in Hong Kong. The host families help students to build up a stronger sense of belonging towards the University, acquire a deeper understanding on local culture and achieve a better adaptation and integration to live at the University as well as in Hong Kong. On the other hand, hosting a non-local student is a very rewarding experiences for staff members. Staff members will have wonderful memories with the non-local students and experience another beautiful culture.


Details of the Scheme

Host Family All Lingnan staff members are welcome to participate in the scheme to be host families.
Role of Host Family The role of host families is to support and facilitate the new non-local student’s adaptation in Hong Kong. The host families are suggested to arrange at least one to two gatherings/ activities for the new non-local students each term such as lunch/ dinner gatherings, family gatherings, sports, outdoor activities, etc.
Duration of the Scheme One year (late August 2019 to end of May 2020)
Accommodation This scheme is a non-residential scheme. Host families are NOT required to provide accommodation for the non-local students. Students will stay in student hostels.
Host-student Matching SSC will match the students and host families according to their preferences. Each of the host family will take care of one to two new non-local students. The matching result will be announced via e-mail in early August 2019.



Host Family

Interested staff members please fill in the online Host Family Enrolment Form

Deadline for Application: 15 July 2019


New non-local students will receive an e-mail invitation in mid-July 2019


Upcoming Events

First Term 2019-20

welcome lunch


First gathering: Welcoming Lunch for Non-local Degree-seeking Students cum Kick-off of Lingnan Host Family Scheme 2019-20 (20 August 2019)

A Welcome Lunch cum Kick-off of the Lingnan Host Family Scheme 2019-20 will be held on 20 August 2019 at 12:30pm. All host families and students are invited to join and meet with each other at the Welcome Lunch. Details will be announced through e-mail in early August 2019. 





LU Service Day (7 September 2019)

Host families and students are welcome to participate in the LU Service Day to be held on 7 September 2019 (Saturday) to serve the local community together. Registration details will be announced through e-mail in mid-August 2019.



big bus


Big Bus Tour – Hong Kong Island/ Aberdeen and Stanley (21 September 2019)

Host families and students will experience a unique and comprehensive sightseeing bus tour on Hong Kong Island/ Aberdeen and Stanley on a relaxing Saturday. The bus tour will be organised on 21 September 2019 (Saturday) from 10:30am to 12:30pm. Registration details will be announced through e-mail in mid-August 2019.






international day


International Day 2019 (30 October 2019)

International Day 2019 is one of the University-wide cultural events to be held on 30 October 2019 (Wednesday) from 5:00pm to 7:00pm at Wing On Plaza. It is open to all Lingnan staff and students and free of charge. Exchange and local students will show their talents by staging different kinds of performances. Also, they will share the culture by serving the traditional food of their home countries. Host families and students are welcome to join the event to taste the cultural diversity of Lingnan.


thanksgiving dinner


Thanksgiving Dinner 2019 (26 November 2019)

Thanksgiving Dinner is an annual event to celebrate the Thanksgiving Day at Lingnan. The dinner welcomes  Lingnan staff and students to join. Thanksgiving Dinner 2019 will be held on 26 November 2019 (Tuesday) from 6:30 to 8:00pm at Sin Cho Ming Function Hall. Interested host families and students can buy the dinner tickets at the Student Services Centre. Please stay tune for the dinner promotion and ticketing details launch in October 2019.


Second Term 2019-20

More fantastic activities such as Chinese New Year carnival, outings and gatherings will be organised. Please stay tune for the upcoming events in the Second Term.


Activity Recommendations

Moreover, host families are encouraged to arrange some more activities for their students:

Lunch/ dinner gatherings/ home visit

Festival celebrations

Visit to some highlight attractions in Hong Kong

Hiking and outdoor activities

Cultural and heritage activities


Host Family Sharing


 Host Father Mr Nicholas OOI (1st from right) and his hostees  


Host Father Mr Nicholas OOI (1st from right) and his hostees 

“I joined the Host Family Scheme in the year 2014 and I always feel excited to meet new students and help them to adapt to their new home in Hong Kong. I believe that being a host family means you are part of something wonderful, it means you will influence and be influenced for the rest of your life. My host daughters and host sons often shared their life vision and goals even after they graduated. They also see me as a life mentor that they could approach whenever they faced difficulties or obstacles in life.

Sometimes, we organized fun activities like outing, hike, camp by the beach, and more. For them to improve their skills and knowledge, I also recruit my hostees to help out and support some of the events and symposiums my office organized. Overall, this scheme is tremendous and meaningful.”

Mr OOI Tyan Chyi Nicholas   

Office of Service-Learning 



Host Father Mr Marc LEBANE (back row 1st left) and his hostees 


Host Father Mr Marc LEBANE (middle) and his hostees




“Since 2015 I have had the pleasure of being part of the Lingnan Host Family Scheme. Over the years I have hosted non-local students from Bulgaria, Sri Lanka, Korea, Russia, & Mainland China whom I continue to regularly communicate with not only after the 1 year program has ended, but also well past graduation!


One thing I continue to do is integrate my new students with past ones. This allows them an opportunity to further integrate into HK & Lingnan by providing with another big sister or brother to go to for help or advice.


Of course having them over for dinner, a swim & outdoor barbeque, allows them to meet my family, but also lets them experience a little bit of my life. Sometimes when campus life gets to tough, some come over just to sit and watch TV in a relaxed setting. I guess living 15 minutes from campus helps a lot also.


But overall, I think keeping in touch (at least every two weeks if not more) either in person or via WhatsApp/WeChat, etc. let’s them know that you care. Most of the time, my ‘hosties’ stop by my office for a chat about life in general or just for some advice about courses, internships, etc.


Having someone there for you is one of the most important aspects of this program. Feeling welcome and comfortable when everything else is new can make all the difference in the world to them.”


Mr LEBANE Marc Craig

Centre for English and Additional Languages


Sharing from Student Participants of Lingnan Host Family Scheme

host and hosteeHost Mother  Prof ZHANG Yue (Right) and hostee WANG Ziming (Left)        

“As a first year non-local student, I was lack of the sense of belonging and afraid of facing the different culture in Hong Kong when I first came to Lingnan University. My host mom, Prof. Zhang helped me a lot. She encouraged me to embrace the new environment and culture. We had wonderful experiences of going hiking, chatting about our favorite pop music and having New Year dinner together. The most unforgettable part was, we celebrated my 18th birthday at her home together and it really touched me. I am grateful for Prof. Zhang’s care and love. Also, I really appreciate the Host Family Scheme!”

WANG Ziming

(Year 2, BBA, Non-local students from Mainland China

Participants of Lingnan Host Family Scheme 2018-19


host and hostees

  Host Father Mr. Marc LEBANE (middle) and hostee CHIMTOVA Ariuna(left)        

"Hi everyone ! As for me, joining the host family scheme helped better adapt to the new place. I had a wonderful time with my host family. My host dad was always there when I needed help. He always supported me and gave me useful tips, which in the end helped me a lot in my university life. Of course, you need to take the initiative in communicating with your host family, for example, participate in different gatherings. And remember, never be afraid to talk to your host parent or write him wherever you need." 


(Year 2, BBA, Non-local students from Russia

Participants of Lingnan Host Family Scheme 2018-19)



Host father Mr. Nicholas OOI (front row 2nd left) and hostee GOH Chen Yik (back row 2nd left)

"Lingnan Host Family Scheme has given me a chance to develop an intimate relationship with my host father, who happens to be a Malaysian too. My host father, Nicholas Ooi has been an inspiration and pillar of support for me in this new environment. He has supported me, encouraged me, taught me to venture out and broadened my mind by sharing his three years of Lingnan University experience. I treated him as my mentor and friend that always have my back, and he surely did help me to adapt to this foreign environment."

GOH Chen Yik, Galvin

(Year 3, Social Science, Non-local students from Malaysia

Participants of Lingnan Host Family Scheme 2015-16)





Student Services Centre

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