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Cross-Cultural Integration

Coping with a New Culture

Culture Shock

“Culture Shock” can be an uneasy feeling. Some people can adapt the new culture gradually and some may need more support to make the road easier.  Come to talk to the counsellors, they are professional and friendly!


Typical examples of “Culture Shock” symptoms:

~ Boredom ~ Homesickness ~ Withdrawal
~ Frustration ~ Anxiety ~ Stereotyping of host nationals



4 Stages of Adjustment:

Adjustment steps



How Do I Adjust & Cope with a New Culture

See it in a POSITIVE WAY: Discovering cultural differences and experiencing culture shock are both powerful learning tools; gain a high degree of self-understanding. 


Adjustment tips


It is NORMAL that every person react to “Culture Shock” or “Stress” differently, so the signs and symptoms could be varied.  Therefore, if you are feeling different from the other day, feeling overwhelmed or having the signs for more than two weeks, please make an appointment to talk to our Counsellors.

To make an appointment with a counsellor, you may book online through , send email to, call us at 2616 7024 or register at the counter of Counselling Services (AM316, 3/F Amenities Building, Lingnan University) in person. All information disclosed in the sessions will be kept STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL. However, the rule of confidentiality will not apply when (a) you or other people may be in jeopardy; and/or (b) legal responsibilities are involved.


Tips on Adjustment from Senior Non-local Degree-seeking Students


Mainland student


“Yeah! You made it! Now you are going to enter the university! I am so glad and I really appreciate your effort in the past years. University life is a brand new stage, you will face many circumstances that you have never met before, and I am sure you will be amazed by the experience of studying in Hong Kong. Also, you may face some pressures from either study or daily life, but don’t worry, just be calm and trust yourself. You come to HK to study by yourself, so remember to take care of your own happiness and health for yourself and for your parents. If you need any help, contact the Student Service Center or Lingnan University Chinese Students and Scholars Association (LUCSSA), we are here to help you. At last, welcome to join the big family of Lingnan University! Can’t wait to meet you!"


HAN Yike, Coco

BA Year 2 student from Mainland China


Russian student


"Hi everyone, welcome to Lingnan, a place that will give you a lot of precious and unforgettable memories. Don’t be nervous! You will soon become a part of one not so big, but very loving family. So, here are some tips from me.

First, be open and don’t hesitate to ask for help. Secondly, try to choose not too complex subjects in your first semester. Better spend more time exploring new things and places, as well as meeting new people.

Best wishes and see you soon!"



BBA Year 2 student from Russia



Mainland student


"Dear all,

First of all, welcome to Lingnan University! I wish you have good days in this excellent university. University in Hong Kong is quite different from the university in Mainland China. In a Hong Kong university, the most important thing is, you should keep a good balance between study and other things like student societies and entertainments and try to make some local friends because most of them are quite nice. Having some local friends will help you understand Hong Kong’s culture deeply and easily.


I will also give some suggestions about the campus and hostel life at Lingnan University. When you try to use the induction cooker in the common room of your hostel, please be careful and try not to trigger the smoke alarm because the fire fighters will show up immediately and it is better not to bother them with unnecessary issues. If you have emergency, you can press the emergency switch in your room and the security guard will show up and help you at once. For students who enjoy doing sports, you can book and use the sports facilities at the Jackie Chan Gymnasium or outdoor sports ground by showing your student ID card and paying a nominal fee. I hope all of you enjoy doing sports and have a healthy lifestyle!"


Nie Yuchen, Eason

BA Year 2 student from Mainland China


malaysian student


"Hey there, welcome to Lingnan! You'll definitely miss home a lot but no worries you'll meet a lot of great seniors and friends through your university life. Here's some tips for you guys and I hope they are helpful! Firstly, make sure you bring as many necessities as possible so that you don't need to spend too much in the first few months. Secondly, spend some time to study about Hong Kong via the internet, try to learn more about the local culture so that you won't be overly surprised. Lastly, ask for help if you're in need! There are a lot of staffs from SSC and seniors that are always ready for help. I hope you enjoy the life in Lingnan! See you soon!"


LOKE Wei Xiang, Lucas

BBA Year 3 student from Malaysia



USA student


“Coming to Lingnan has been the best choice I have made in my life. I have enjoyed the classes, the people, and most of all, there is always something to do. It also helps that getting around the city is incredibly convenient and the MTR system will take you pretty much anywhere you want in under two hours.

In regards to your first months here, I would say be careful with how you spend your money. A lot of places here will overcharge you and it’s not hard to get caught in the excitement of being in a new city. While it is easier said than done, control your impulses.

My biggest advice that I do not see people utilize however is taking advantage of the wet markets. Yes you may need to haggle a bit and use common sense, but you will save much more money and get a good opportunity to practice your Cantonese.”


HARRISON Ringo Hokuto

BSS Year 3 student from United States of America