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Cross-Cultural Integration

Things to Bring



  • Air/Train Ticket

Travel document (s)

  • Valid Passport/ 中华人民共和国往来港澳通行证 and valid Student visa issued by the Hong Kong Immigration Department (the validity of your passport/ entry permit must cover the entire study period in Hong Kong)
  • 2-3 photocopies of your travel document(s)
Admission letter
  • Official copy of the admission letter from Lingnan University
  • Several passport size photos
Proof document (for opening of bank account)
  • Proof of permanent address in home country within the past three months (e.g. bank statement in English/Chinese or utilities bills in English/Chinese issued in the last three months or latest driving license in English/Chinese)
Insurance document
  • Photocopies of medical and travel insurance documents
  • Cash (at least around HK$4,500 - 5,000 for the first month) / Credit card(s) /  Traveller’s cheques
Clothing and Personal items
  • Suitable clothing for Hong Kong climate, formal wear/ your national costume for formal occasions or special events, prescribed medicine and medical history (if any), Laptop (if necessary)





The voltage in Hong Kong is 220V / 50Hz. If your electrical device does not accept 220V / 50Hz, you may bring along a universal plug adaptor or buy one after arrival in any convenient store, supermarket or electrical store in Hong Kong. The plugs used in Hong Kong are the UK-style, with three rectangular prongs.