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Hello Buddies…. so what’s next?

  • Wanna know how to ice-break and start the conversation with people you meet for the first time at ease?
  • Wanna know how to introduce yourself to IMPRESS (e.g in presentation/interview), to SOCIAL and/or to expand your personal network for more?
  • Wanna develop your language interest and skills in another foreign language for personal development? 
  • Wanna make new friends and become your language buddies so that you could learn the language and enhance your communication skills together?


Buddy Scheme@L²EI: What’s Next after “Hello Buddies”
Date         :       24 November 2020 (Tue)
Time         :        3:30pm-4:30pm
Venue      :        Kin Sun Square (Skylight)  
Language:        English / Russian / Spanish
ILP            :        1 unit in Residential Education (in progress)
Seat capacity: around 20 seats
Registration  :
Deadline :        20 November 2020 (Fri)

  • Exchange on how to ice-break and introduce yourself to impress (e.g in presentation/ interview), to social and/or to expand the social network for more.
  • Practise the ice-breaking or the self-introduction under the guidance of the language instructor. Best Performers will be awarded a HK$100 ParknShop coupon.
  • Language instructors to respond to students’ inquiries and share on how to enhance the language skills. 


  1. First-register-first-served. Applicants can choose the Language Corner of their most preferred language, while seats are available.
  2. A HK$100 ParknShop Coupon will be awarded to the “Best Performer” of each Language Corner.
  3. In case the registration for a particular Language Corner is overwhelmed or unsatisfactory, we reserve the right to make adjustment accordingly.
  4. Priorities will be given to language buddies of Buddy Scheme@L²EI.
  5. Participants are required to wear self-prepared mask throughout the session. 


For inquiry of the above, please contact Ms Iris Ho (Tel: 2616-7410, email: ) or Ms Elaine Tsang (Tel: 2616 7405, email: ). 


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