Accelerating Campus Development

We will redouble our efforts in developing a smart and sustainable campus that enables staff and students to carry out cross-Faculty teaching and learning, research and knowledge transfer activities in collaboration with global partners via online platforms. We will create more physical and virtual teaching and learning spaces by upgrading existing facilities and building additional ones as well as adopting digital online technologies.

Ongoing Developments

LU Jockey Club Gerontech-X Lab
  • Developing the Library into a technology-enhanced teaching and learning hub through the creation of a new mezzanine level and by upgrading existing facilities to provide a secure, flexible and innovative environment for study and research
  • Investing in upgrading IT infrastructure of the two data centres to support the ongoing development of a smart campus
  • Leveraging digital technologies to promote sustainable campus development, thereby achieving environmental protection, energy and natural resources conservation and waste reduction

New Initiatives

  • To develop multiple off-campus learning hubs that enhance teaching and learning experience for staff and students
  • To establish a new research and learning centre in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Greater Bay Area
  • To build new laboratories (Gerontechnology Experiential Lab, Data Science Lab, Animation and Digital Arts Lab, and AI and Education Lab) to support new programmes and research endeavours as well as to enable smart teaching and learning and facilitate interdisciplinary studies
  • To transform traditional classrooms, lecture theatres and tutorial rooms into smart teaching and learning spaces, and redesign and refurbish existing facilities, including the Lingnan University Archives and the Art Gallery, to meet the changing needs of the University
  • To complete the construction of the Lingnan Hub