Strengthening Institutional Advancement

Our commitment to excellence has produced graduates who have established successful careers in the public and private sectors, and who have made significant contributions to the development of Hong Kong and beyond. The University has also benefited greatly from their generous support of our activities including donation and time spent mentoring our students.

Lingnan Fundraising Walkathon

We value our alumni and will embark on a number of new initiatives to strengthen our connections with them. We also aim to vigorously extend our local and international outreach, increasing private and public resources to the University and promoting the Lingnan brand of academic excellence through consistent communications and marketing for the next six years:

Ongoing Developments

  • Strengthening communications to promote the University identity and its branding
  • Increasing LU's connections with the local community and external stakeholders
  • Increasing the number of new donors by connecting with medium-size enterprises and up-and-coming companies (with a market value of at least HK$1 billion)
  • Strengthening alumni network and increasing alumni donations by organising new fundraising campaigns, such as "Thanksgiving Tree Campaign", "Adopt-a-Seat Campaign" etc.

New Initiatives

First Distinguished Alumni Service Award Presentation Ceremony
  • To sustain our brand campaign in promoting Liberal Arts Education - Transformation for Life
  • To encourage and support staff members to serve the community in various forms as an extension of teaching, research and service to enhance LU’s reputation building through contribution to society
  • To enhance the alumni network for local graduates as well as those in the Mainland and overseas
  • To imbue our graduates and alumni with a philanthropic culture and encourage alumni support to their alma mater
  • To connect to donors for support of signature programmes and our established research areas of great strengths
  • To initiate major fundraising campaigns to both raise funds and increase the number of donors